CATAN 5 & 6 Player Exp (2015 Refresh)


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Only 2 left in stock


Get ready for epic battles, clever strategies, and endless fun with the Catan: 5-6 Player Extension! Embark on a thrilling adventure as you explore uncharted lands and settle the vibrant island of Catan. This expansion pack allows you to expand your original Catan game, accommodating more friends and family members for unforgettable game nights.



Unleash the Adventure! Expand Your Catan Universe with the 5-6 Player Extension!

Breaking Boundaries: More Players, More Fun

Why settle for a game night with just four players when you can amp up the excitement and competition? The 5-6 Player Extension for Catan brings a new edge to your game, accommodating more players and thus, weaving a denser web of strategies and negotiations. It’s an invitation to inclusive fun, where nobody feels left out.

Double the Fun: A Whole New Level of Engagement

Imagine the vibrancy at the gaming table when more players join the fray. This extension isn’t just an add-on; it’s a gateway to a thrillingly expanded Catan universe. More players mean more interactions, heightened competition, and a richer, more intricate gaming experience.

Endless Replayability: A Universe of Possibilities

With the modular hex board of Catan, the layout options are virtually limitless. Each game night unfolds a new map, a fresh challenge, and unique strategies, ensuring that your Catan experiences are never repetitive. Embrace the unpredictability and relish the variety every time you play.

Easy to Learn, Endless Enjoyment

Catan, known for its accessibility to beginners and depth for veterans, evolves beautifully with this extension. It’s an investment in lifelong enjoyment, bridging generations and varying levels of gaming experience. Whether you’re a Catan novice or a seasoned player, this extension promises to grow with you.

Expansion Pack Goodness: Broadening Horizons

This extension pack is a treasure trove of new elements. It’s not just about adding more settlers; it’s about enriching your Catan world with new terrain tiles, additional harbors, and fresh settler colors. These elements open up new pathways to victory and mastery, keeping the game exciting and unpredictable.

Unite and Conquer: Enhanced Group Dynamics

The 5-6 Player Extension elevates the social aspect of Catan. Form alliances or engage in diplomatic showdowns – the game now accommodates more complex group dynamics. Enjoy the enhanced interaction, whether it’s collaborating or competing, leading to memorable gaming sessions filled with epic triumphs and defeats.

Your Invitation to a Greater Adventure

Don’t let limitations define your Catan experience. The 5-6 Player Extension is not just an expansion; it’s a door to a more vibrant and multifaceted world of Catan. It’s time to gather more friends, set up the extended board, and dive into the captivating universe of Catan. Elevate your gaming nights – add this extension to your collection today and witness the transformation of your Catan adventures!


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