CATAN Legend to the Conquerors


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Engage in epic battles, defend CATAN, and conquer new horizons with Legend of the Conquerors Expansion! Discover captivating gameplay.

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Embark on Epic Adventures with CATAN – Legend of the Conquerors Expansion!

Get ready, CATAN enthusiasts and newcomers alike! Prepare to explore new horizons and face new challenges as you delve into the compelling Legend of the Conquerors Expansion. Created by renowned game designers Klaus and Benjamin Teuber, this expansion adds not just one, but three riveting chapters to your existing CATAN experience.

Experience Immersive Gameplay Like Never Before

Gather your resources, build your settlements, and prepare your knights, but don’t get too comfortable. Danger and glory await you in equal measure. The stakes are higher, as barbarians are at your borders and foreign conquerors have their eyes set on your prosperous lands. Will you rise as CATAN’s beacon of hope, leading its knights against these looming threats?

What Makes Legend of the Conquerors a Must-Have Expansion?

  1. Epic Storytelling: Dive into a storyline that unfolds over three enthralling chapters. Each chapter adds a new layer of complexity and intrigue, heightening the sense of adventure.
  2. Gameplay That Demands Skill: Perfect for seasoned CATAN veterans and brave newcomers, the expansion offers a challenging yet rewarding gameplay experience that will put your strategic skills to the test.
  3. Rich New Components: With 20 conquerors, 16 forts, 38 progress cards, and a variety of tokens, your strategic options have never been more diverse.
  4. Engaging Combat: Lead your knights into battle, form alliances, and use guile and strategy to defend CATAN from foreign threats.
  5. Infinite Replayability: The mix of new elements, strategies, and scenarios means that no two games will ever be the same, promising endless hours of fun and intellectual stimulation.

Are You Ready to Shape the Fate of CATAN?

So, what are you waiting for? The future of CATAN is in your hands, and only your strategic brilliance can guide its path to glory. Whether you’re securing trade routes, fending off barbarians, or negotiating with rivals, each decision you make impacts the epic saga that unfolds.

Unleash your inner conqueror. Lay claim to your destiny. With the Legend of the Conquerors Expansion, your CATAN adventures are bound to be more thrilling than ever before. The time to act is now!


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