CATAN Studio Cities & Knights Replacement Game Cards


Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock


Refresh your board game experience with this complete set of replacement cards for a popular expansion. Ideal for 3-4 players.

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Revive Your CATAN Nights with the Essential Cities & Knights Card Set!

Attention, CATAN Enthusiasts! Have your Cities & Knights games lost their spark? Missing or damaged cards no longer need to be a game-ender! Introducing the must-have Cities & Knights Replacement Game Cards, a complete set of 95 vibrant, durable cards designed to bring your CATAN experience back to life.

Why Upgrade? Our set includes 34 Commodity cards, 54 Progress cards, and 6 development cards, ensuring you have every piece needed for your next victorious night. Whether it’s worn-out cards or ones that have mysteriously disappeared, this pack is your game saver!

Easy Peasy! Getting started is simple. Own the CATAN base game and the Cities & Knights expansion? Then you’re all set! Replace old cards in a snap and dive back into the strategic fun without missing a beat.

Family Fun Awaits! Dubbed the “Perfect Social Game,” CATAN promises fast-paced, interactive entertainment. Suitable for ages 12 and up, it’s a fantastic way to engage the whole family for up to 90 minutes of excitement and bonding.

🌟Customer Benefits:

  • Complete Set: No more missing pieces! A full set of 95 cards means uninterrupted play.
  • Quality Time: Ideal for 3-4 players, it’s the perfect reason to gather friends and family.
  • Revitalize Your Game: Fresh cards bring new life to your Cities & Knights adventures.
  • Hassle-Free: Easy replacement process lets you get back to gaming faster.
  • Endless Fun: With durable cards, enjoy countless game nights full of strategy and laughter.

Transform your CATAN game nights with the Cities & Knights Replacement Game Cards. It’s time to restore, rejuvenate, and ramp up the fun. Don’t let missing or damaged cards be the villain of your game night. Grab your set today and reclaim the throne of CATAN!


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