CATAN: Traveler Compact Edition


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Only 2 left in stock


Take the captivating world of CATAN® with you on your travels! CATAN® Traveler—Compact Edition™ is the ultimate portable board game adventure. Don’t let windy beaches or limited table space ruin your game night. This compact version ensures you can settle CATAN® anytime, anywhere. With its clever design, everything fits snugly in a compact case, occupying only half the space of the base game. No more worrying about jumbled pieces or lost dice! The game components are stored in convenient drawers, and the roads, settlements, and cities securely fit into the game board using small pegs. Thanks to the dice shaker with a transparent cover, you can roll the dice anywhere, even if there’s no flat surface available. Setting up the game is a breeze, taking only seconds to place the double-sided game board pieces in countless configurations. Explore new strategies and terrains, whether you’re playing with friends or enjoying a cozy two-player game. With CATAN® Traveler—Compact Edition™, the adventure never ends!



Get Your CATAN Fix On-the-Go: Introducing CATAN Traveler—Compact Edition!

If you’re a fan of CATAN, you’ll want to pay close attention. Meet CATAN® Traveler—Compact Edition™. This pocket-sized powerhouse packs all the thrill and strategy of the classic game into a travel-friendly package. Finally, you can take the world of CATAN wherever your adventures lead you.

Unbeatable Benefits of CATAN Traveler—Compact Edition

1. Take the Adventure with You – Firstly, CATAN has always been about exploration and building. Now, take that sense of adventure wherever you go. Whether you’re on a road trip, a flight, or just enjoying a weekend getaway, CATAN® is your travel companion.

2. Designed for Easy Transport – Secondly, size matters when you’re traveling. That’s why this edition takes up just half the space of the original game. Easily fit it in your suitcase or even a large purse!

3. No More Missing Pieces – Worried about keeping track of game pieces? Don’t be. This edition comes with pegged game boards and convenient storage drawers. Everything stays secure, letting you focus on the game.

4. Convenient Dice Rolling – Thirdly, the dice shaker feature is a game-changer. No more worrying about finding a flat surface to roll your dice. Simply shake and play.

5. Fresh Gameplay Every Time –  Finally, with double-sided game board pieces, you’re looking at hundreds of island configurations. Every game feels new, adding immense replay value.

Ready for Limitless Adventures?

In short, this edition caters to CATAN enthusiasts who are always on the move. No compromises on fun or strategy; only added convenience. Moreover, it’s perfect for families and groups of friends. In conclusion, your travels are about to get a lot more exciting.

So, why wait? Order your CATAN® Traveler—Compact Edition™ today and start your next CATAN adventure, no matter where you find yourself!


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