Citadels Revised Edition


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Discover the Citadels Revised Edition, a portable and enhanced version of the beloved game. With streamlined components and an affordable price, experience strategic gameplay and immerse yourself in a world of intrigue. Upgrade your gaming collection today!

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Citadels Revised Edition: Streamlined Design and Enhanced Components

Discover “Citadels Revised Edition,” a modern twist on the classic game that combines strategy, elegance, and convenience. This new version transforms how you play, focusing on making the game easier to carry while enhancing its components. It’s perfect for gamers on the move, ensuring the strategic blend of bluffing and city-building is readily accessible, minus the bulky packaging.

Travel-Friendly Design

Now, “Citadels” comes in a more compact size. This change means you can easily bring it along to parties, vacations, or game nights. Despite its smaller footprint, the game still delivers the same depth and enjoyment.

Enhanced Game Components

The revised edition introduces standard-sized cards and mini-cards, which speed up game setup. It also features deluxe plastic gold pieces and a 3D plastic crown, adding a special touch to each game session.

Affordable Fun

“Citadels Revised Edition” offers great value, making the strategic excitement of city-building and role selection more accessible. It’s priced with gamers in mind, welcoming both newcomers and veterans to dive in without financial worry.

A Classic Game Reimagined

“Citadels” has always been known for its strategic depth, social interaction, and bluffing elements, set against the backdrop of medieval city construction. The Revised Edition brings new life to this classic, with updates that make the game more engaging and visually striking.

This edition is not just a game; it’s an adventure that combines intrigue with beauty, suited for experienced strategists and board game novices alike. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the updated “Citadels,” where quality meets portability, and strategic gaming is always an adventure.


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