Cities & Knights: CATAN Exp (2015 Refresh)


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CATAN Cities & Knights Expansion takes your CATAN board game experience to new heights! Join the epic journey as you defend the land, compete to build magnificent metropolises, and engage in strategic battles. This expansion adds depth and excitement to your game nights, making it perfect for both adults and kids. With improved culture, powerful knights, and enriched cities, you can master the great realm of CATAN! Immerse yourself in the world of CATAN and experience endless fun with this expansion.



Conquer the Epic Realm of CATAN: Elevate Your Game with Cities & Knights Expansion

Ready to go beyond the basic CATAN experience? Take command and show off your strategic brilliance with the CATAN Cities & Knights Expansion. This isn’t just an addition to your game; it’s a gateway to a whole new level of strategic depth and thrilling competition. Here’s what makes this expansion an essential part of your CATAN journey.

Epic Defence and Competition: Fortify and Flourish

One of the shining features of this expansion is the epic struggle against barbarians. Not only are you racing to build the most imposing settlements and cities, but you’re also tasked with defending them. Your metropolises serve as a stronghold against these threats, giving you a chance to demonstrate your strategic prowess.

Strategic Depth: A New Layer to the Game

The Cities & Knights Expansion adds three valuable commodities: coin, paper, and cloth. With these, you invest in city improvements and give yourself the edge over your competitors. It’s not just about collecting resources; it’s about smart allocation and planning. Prepare to make cunning moves and savvy trades to secure your win.

All-Ages Adventure: A Unifying Experience

Worried it’s too complex for younger players? Fear not. CATAN Cities & Knights offers a robust yet accessible challenge. Whether you’re a dedicated CATAN fanatic or new to the world of strategic board games, this expansion is a brilliant way to engage family and friends.

Immersive Gameplay: A New Adventure Every Time

Forget repetitive setups and predictable tactics. With Cities & Knights, each game unfolds uniquely. Variable board configurations and player strategies ensure you won’t be playing the same game twice. The constant evolution of gameplay keeps everyone on their toes.

✨ Key Features You Can’t Overlook

  1. Epic Defense and Competition: Stand against barbarians and establish your rule.
  2. Unmatched Strategic Depth: Make tactical decisions with city improvements and new commodities.
  3. Family-Friendly Fun: Enjoyable and challenging for players of all ages.
  4. Dynamic Gameplay: A fresh, unpredictable experience in every game.
  5. Essential Expansion: A base CATAN game is required to enjoy this enriching extension.

To wrap it up, the CATAN Cities & Knights Expansion isn’t just another set of pieces; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. It enriches your standard CATAN game, adding dimensions that will test your strategic planning and decision-making skills to the limit. So, are you ready to become the master of CATAN? Embark on an unparalleled adventure with Cities & Knights today!


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