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Enter a world of secrets and intrigue with Codenames: Deep Undercover. As rival spymasters, you hold the key to the secret identities of 25 agents, while their teammates can only rely on codenames. Compete against another team in a race to establish contact with all your agents first. Provide clever one-word clues that connect to multiple words on the board, as your teammates decipher the codes and uncover the right agents, all while avoiding the opposing team and the lurking assassin. Will you emerge as the ultimate spymaster?

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Codenames: Deep Undercover – A Spy-themed Strategy Game Adventure

Dive into the World of Espionage

Welcome to Codenames: Deep Undercover, a game where the thrilling world of spies and secrets comes alive. In this strategic board game, players assume the roles of rival spymasters, each knowing the secret identities of 25 undercover agents. The goal is to communicate these identities to your teammates using only cryptic codenames. As you navigate through this maze of intrigue and deduction, prepare for intense excitement and heart-racing moments, bringing the exhilarating world of espionage right to your table.

Strategic Gameplay and Team Challenges

The game’s core lies in its strategic gameplay. Two teams battle it out to make contact with all their agents first. As a spymaster, you’re tasked with providing one-word clues that connect to various words on the board. These clues must be clever and concise, guiding your teammates to guess the right agents while avoiding those belonging to the rival team or the dreaded assassin. The challenge is to be creative yet clear, as each mistaken guess can lead to unexpected turns or even instant defeat. This dynamic creates an atmosphere of tension, strategy, and teamwork, making every round of Codenames: Deep Undercover a unique and engaging experience.

Blend of Wit, Deduction, and Fun

Codenames: Deep Undercover stands out with its blend of wit, deduction, and fun. The game’s simplicity in rules makes it accessible for newcomers, yet its depth of strategy provides endless enjoyment for seasoned players. Each game round is unpredictable, as players must constantly adapt their strategies based on their spymaster’s clues and the opposing team’s moves. This blend of strategic thinking and playful guessing makes for an entertaining and mentally stimulating game night.

Endless Replayability and Expansion Options

With endless possibilities and combinations of words and clues, Codenames: Deep Undercover offers tremendous replay value. Each game is a new adventure, as the layout of secret agents changes, and players come up with different strategies and clues. Furthermore, this game can be combined with other versions of Codenames for even more variety and challenge. This versatility ensures that Codenames: Deep Undercover remains fresh, exciting, and a favorite among those who enjoy a mix of strategy, social interaction, and a touch of espionage flair.

A Game for Every Group

Whether it’s a casual evening with friends, a family game night, or a competitive session among board game enthusiasts, Codenames: Deep Undercover fits perfectly. It accommodates a wide range of player groups and is suitable for ages 14 and up. The game not only provides entertainment but also fosters communication, critical thinking, and team bonding. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to dive into a game of clever clues, covert operatives, and high-stakes deduction. So, gather your team, choose your codenames wisely, and embark on a mission to uncover the agents of Codenames: Deep Undercover.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Engaging Party Game: Codenames offers hours of entertainment, making it perfect for parties and gatherings, ensuring your guests have a blast.
  2. Intellectual Challenge: Exercise your brain with deductive reasoning and word association, stimulating mental agility and creativity.
  3. Team Bonding: Strengthen relationships as you collaborate with friends and family to uncover secret agents, promoting teamwork and communication.
  4. Replayability: With endless word combinations, Codenames offers limitless replay value, ensuring it remains a favorite in your game collection.
  5. Suitable for All Ages: Codenames is suitable for players aged 14 and up, making it an inclusive game that can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups.


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