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Embark on a pulse-pounding adventure with Codenames Duet XXL! Step into the shoes of elite agents on a top-secret mission in a bustling city. Your objective? Contact 15 hidden agents while skillfully avoiding the watchful eyes of enemy assassins. This larger-than-life edition enhances the popular Codenames Duet with upgraded components and more comfortable gameplay. With its engaging gameplay, strategic challenges, and cooperative excitement, Codenames Duet XXL is the ultimate choice for thrill-seeking spies and board game enthusiasts. Gather your partner, sharpen your wits, and get ready to unravel the codenames of victory!

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Step Into Espionage with Codenames Duet XXL: Your Gateway to Spy Adventures!

Are You Ready for a Spy Challenge?

Grab your secret agent gear and dive into an exhilarating mission with Codenames Duet XXL! Your task? To contact hidden agents while dodging enemy assassins in a bustling city. The stakes are high, but so is the excitement.

What Makes It Different? Bigger, Better Gameplay!

Codenames Duet XXL takes the classic Codenames game and ups the ante. It offers larger cards for easier handling and more vivid visuals. These upgrades make for an even more engaging spy experience.

Gameplay: Simple, Yet Intricate

So how do you play? Well, you’ll team up with a partner to find agents hidden across a city grid. Sounds simple, but beware. Enemy assassins are also lurking, and one wrong move could jeopardize your mission. The game calls for clear clues and precise choices to avoid pitfalls and contact the right agents.

Why You’ll Love It: True Teamwork

Another great feature is the game’s focus on collaboration. You’ll have to think alike, strategize, and share insights to beat the game. It’s a team effort through and through, and every second counts. Can you align your thoughts and actions to win?

Perfect for Any Group Size

What’s more, Codenames Duet XXL is versatile. It’s designed for 2 players but can easily accommodate more. And with games wrapping up in about 15 minutes, it’s perfect for quick fun or marathon sessions.

🔑 Key Highlights:

  1. High-Stakes Missions: Dive into gripping spy tasks. Navigate city grids to find agents while steering clear of foes.
  2. Improved Game Feel: Enjoy bigger, better cards and graphics that pull you into the mission.
  3. Team Up: Work closely with your partner to swap clues and solve the game’s puzzles.
  4. Fast and Fun: Ideal for those who love quick games. A round takes about 15 minutes, so you can play multiple times!
  5. Flexible for All: Whether it’s a date night or a big party, the game scales well for any group size.

Your Next Game Night Essential

Are you in for a thrilling, mind-bending experience? Codenames Duet XXL offers a unique blend of strategy, cooperation, and high-stakes espionage. So find a partner, put on your thinking caps, and let the spy games begin!

Time to see if you’ve got what it takes to complete the mission and save the day!


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