Count, King and Robber: Carcassonne Expansion 6


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Unleash new adventures in Carcassonne with Count/King and Robber: Carcassonne exp. 6! This expansion includes four exciting mini-expansions, featuring King & Scout, The Count of Carcassonne, The River II, and The Cult. Dive into strategic gameplay, conquer new territories, and immerse yourself in the world of Carcassonne. Elevate your gaming experience and discover endless possibilities!



Enhance Your Carcassonne Gameplay with Count/King and Robber Expansion

Immersive Expansion to a Classic Game

Step into an enriched version of the beloved Carcassonne game with Count/ King and Robber: Carcassonne Exp. 6. This expansion introduces four mini-expansions, each adding unique layers and dimensions to the classic gameplay. It’s a treasure trove for fans and newcomers alike, promising to elevate your Carcassonne experience to new heights.

Four Distinct Mini-Expansions

  1. King & Scout: This addition brings a royal twist to the game. Players compete to build the largest cities and roads, earning the titles of King and Robber Baron, respectively. These titles grant bonus points, adding a competitive edge to your strategy.
  2. The Count of Carcassonne: Set in the city of Carcassonne itself, this expansion introduces the Count, who influences the control over areas. Players can strategically deploy the Count to challenge opponents’ dominance in various sections of the city.
  3. The River II: Expanding on the popular River expansion, The River II adds new twists and turns to the starting landscape. It provides a fresh and unpredictable start to every game, ensuring no two games are alike.
  4. The Cult: This expansion introduces a new challenge with the Cult. Players can place Cult tiles near monasteries to vie for control, adding an extra layer of tactical depth and decision-making.

🔑Key Benefits and Features

  • Enhanced Gameplay: Each mini-expansion offers new strategies and challenges, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  • Strategic Depth: With additional elements like the Count and Cult, players must think more critically about their moves.
  • Adaptable Play: Suitable for 2-5 players, this expansion is perfect for game nights with friends or family.
  • Replay Value: The diverse mini-expansions ensure that each game session is unique, increasing the replayability of Carcassonne.
  • Beautiful Artwork: The expansion maintains the charming aesthetic of the base game, with artwork that brings the medieval theme to life.

A Must-Have for Carcassonne Fans

Count/ King and Robber: Carcassonne Exp. 6 is an essential addition for fans of the Carcassonne series. Whether you’re strategizing to become the King or cleverly placing your tiles to control the river, this expansion offers endless fun and strategic gameplay. Ready to take your Carcassonne experience to new heights? Add this expansion to your collection and enjoy the enhanced world of medieval strategy and conquest!


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