DC Comics Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary


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Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with DC Comics HeroClix: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary! Celebrate the remarkable legacy of Wonder Woman with this captivating collectible miniatures game. With over 80 figures and equipment to collect, including 12 Chase figures, this set will leave you in awe. Each booster pack contains 5 pre-painted figures and select boosters come with bonus equipment-objects like Wonder Woman’s Bracelets and the Lasso of Truth. Immerse yourself in the rich world of DC Comics and discover improved detail and paint jobs, cooler energy effects, and dynamic poses. Whether you’re a seasoned HeroClix player or new to the game, Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary offers exciting gameplay that’s easy to learn and enhance. Unleash the power of Wonder Woman and her allies, and create your own heroic stories on the tabletop!



Enter the World of Wonder Woman with DC HeroClix: 80th Anniversary Edition

Celebrate Wonder Woman’s Legacy

Get ready to dive into the legendary world of Wonder Woman with DC Comics HeroClix: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary. This special edition celebrates her 80-year legacy, offering fans and collectors a thrilling experience filled with action and strategy. It’s a perfect blend of heroism and tabletop gaming excitement.

A Collector’s Dream with Over 80 Figures

The set features more than 80 figures, including rare 12 Chase figures. Each booster pack contains 5 pre-painted figures. These figures showcase intricate details, dynamic poses, and improved paint jobs. Favorites like Circe and King Shazam come to life in this captivating collection.

Dynamic Gameplay with Iconic Characters

This edition uniquely integrates Wonder Woman and the Amazons. It includes special versions of Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, and Green Lantern. They synergize well with Wonder Woman, offering strategic team play options. It’s engaging for both comic fans and newcomers.

Equip Your Team with Special Objects

Selected boosters include bonus equipment-objects like Wonder Woman’s Bracelets and the Lasso of Truth. These items allow for custom strategies and team enhancements, boosting your chances of victory in the game.

Accessible and Diverse Gameplay

Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary caters to all. New players can start with common figures, while seasoned players can explore advanced strategies. The set features powerful female characters from DC Comics, ensuring a diverse and empowering experience.

🔑 Key Benefits:

  1. Wonder Woman’s Power: Immerse in her world and create exciting tabletop battles.
  2. Collectible Miniatures: Over 80 figures to collect, each with impressive details.
  3. Synergistic Team Play: Team up with iconic characters for strategic gameplay.
  4. Special Equipment: Boost your team with unique objects for enhanced tactics.
  5. Engaging for All: Suitable for both new and experienced players, offering a diverse range of characters.

Join Wonder Woman’s heroic journey with DC Comics HeroClix: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary. Celebrate her iconic legacy, collect unique figures, and engage in epic tabletop battles. Order now for an unforgettable gaming experience!


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