D&D Forgotten Realms Laeral Silverhand’s Explorers Kit


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Only 1 left in stock


Unleash your inner adventurer with the D&D Forgotten Realms Laeral Silverhand’s Explorers Kit! Let the legendary Laeral Silverhand, Open Lord of Waterdeep, guide you through the Forgotten Realms with this comprehensive set. Packed with beautifully crafted dice, a foldout map, illustrated cards, and more, this kit is your gateway to thrilling quests and unforgettable stories. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of magic, mystery, and limitless possibilities!

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Discover Adventure with Laeral Silverhand’s D&D Explorer’s Kit

Enter a Realm of Fantasy

The D&D Forgotten Realms Laeral Silverhand’s Explorers Kit opens a world where imagination runs free. Guided by Laeral Silverhand, Waterdeep’s Open Lord, players embark on an extraordinary journey. The kit is more than exploration; it’s a dive into a world filled with endless adventures.

Tools for the Avid Adventurer

This kit is a treasure for D&D fans. It includes eleven well-crafted dice, featuring two crucial D20s. These dice aid you in facing challenges and shaping your game’s path.

Easy Navigation and Exploration

The kit’s foldout, double-sided map makes exploring the Sword Coast and Waterdeep easy. The map is a gateway to a world rich with danger and mystery, ripe for exploration.

Insights into the Forgotten Realms

The kit’s twenty illustrated cards do more than depict characters and locations. They open windows into the Forgotten Realms’ soul, enriching your game with deep lore.

Practical Elegance for Players

The kit combines practicality with style. Its durable, felt-lined box not only stores your dice but also serves as two dice trays. This design ensures an organized, stylish gaming experience.

🔑 Key Benefits:

  • Guided Adventures: Laeral Silverhand leads you through the Forgotten Realms, ensuring a rich experience.
  • Complete Gaming Tools: Dice, a map, and lore cards equip you for any challenge.
  • Smooth Exploration: Navigate the Sword Coast and Waterdeep with an informative map and cards.
  • Strategic Depth: Lore cards aid in strategic decisions and character development.
  • Stylish Functionality: The kit’s design combines beauty with practicality, enhancing your D&D sessions.

Join the epic journey with the D&D Forgotten Realms Laeral Silverhand’s Explorers Kit, where each session is a unique adventure of strategy and fantasy.


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