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Discover the dark secrets of Deranged, a gothic board game where you must survive a cursed city for three days and nights. Will you emerge as the lone survivor or succumb to the horrors that await? Unleash your inner monster, forge alliances, and face off against your fellow players in a game of betrayal and strategy. With modular game boards, deck-building elements, and hidden objectives, every playthrough of Deranged offers a unique and suspenseful experience. Do you have what it takes to survive, or will you become one of the deranged?



Explore the Haunting World of ‘Deranged’: A Board Game of Survival and Betrayal

Embrace the Gothic Horror in ‘Deranged’

‘Deranged’ invites players into a semi-cooperative board game set in a gothic, cursed city. This thrilling adventure of survival and betrayal keeps players on edge. As you navigate the treacherous streets, battling both external horrors and internal demons, the game’s dark, immersive atmosphere pulls you deeper into its mysterious world.

A Unique Twist on Gameplay

The game’s standout feature is its transformation mechanic. Players can unexpectedly become monstrous creatures, known as the deranged. The only way to regain human form is by eliminating another player. But beware, as each death elevates the doom level, bringing dire consequences for the entire group. This twist adds a layer of tension, making trust and alliances a complicated affair.

Strategy and Suspense

‘Deranged’ is rich in strategic elements, including a deck-building feature that allows players to customize their abilities and approach to the game. Each player has a hidden objective, contributing to the game’s suspense and replayability. The modular game board adds to the variety, ensuring that each playthrough is a fresh experience filled with surprises.

Engaging and Visually Striking

The game is not just about strategy; it’s a visual feast. With stunning miniatures representing both humans and the deranged, alongside detailed, thematic artwork, ‘Deranged’ offers a visually captivating experience that enhances gameplay and immerses players in its eerie world.

🔑 Key Benefits:

  1. Thrilling Survival Gameplay: Feel the intensity as you navigate a city cursed with horror and uncertainty.
  2. Unpredictable Transformations: The game’s transformation element introduces unexpected challenges and strategic decisions.
  3. Replayable and Diverse: With a scenario-driven approach, modular boards, and secret objectives, ‘Deranged’ promises a unique experience every time.
  4. Strategic Deck-Building: Customize your gameplay with unique abilities and strategies through the game’s deck-building mechanics.
  5. Artistic Immersion: The game’s miniatures and artwork create a deeply atmospheric and engaging gothic horror setting.

Step into the spine-chilling world of ‘Deranged’, where survival depends on your ability to outwit both monsters and fellow players. Can you navigate this cursed city’s dangers, or will you succumb to becoming one of the deranged?


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