Dice Forge Rebellion Expansion


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Only 1 left in stock


Expand your Dice Forge game with thrilling new challenges and endless replayability.

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Forge Your Destiny with Dice Forge: Rebellion

Embark on Epic Quests

Dice Forge Rebellion Expansion expands the Dice Forge game. It takes 2-4 players on a thrilling adventure. With 40 minutes of gameplay, it’s great for those aged 10 and up. This expansion adds depth and new challenges to the original game.

Transform Your Gaming Experience

This expansion adds two new modules. With 30 exploit cards, new die faces, and boards, every game is an adventure. Navigate the Goddess’s Labyrinth or battle in the Titans’ revolt. Each game offers unique challenges.

Elevate Your Strategy

Dice Forge Rebellion Expansion enhances the game’s look and strategic depth. It balances challenge and accessibility, engaging players of all skill levels. Strategic decisions matter more than ever.

Discover Endless Replayability

The expansion ensures every game is different. New boards and an expanded sanctuary box add variety. This keeps the game fresh and engaging for every playthrough.

Deepen Player Interaction and Strategy

New cards encourage strategic planning. This Dice Forge Rebellion Expansion focuses on player engagement, making every decision important.

Enter a Fantasy World

Journey into a universe where myths meet fantasy. The game’s artwork immerses players in a thematic world. Every component adds to the experience.

🔑Key Benefits

  • Varied Gameplay: New cards and boards add excitement.
  • Enhanced Strategy: Face new challenges with each game.
  • Stunning Art: The artwork brings the game to life.
  • Group Fun: Perfect for playing with friends or family.
  • Replay Value: New mechanics make each game unique.

Dice Forge: Rebellion is an expansion that offers new adventures and strategic challenges. Ready to take on the gods and make history? Start your rebellion and transform your Dice Forge experience.


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