Digimon Card Game: Tamer’s Set 2 PB-04


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Only 2 left in stock


Join the exciting world of Digimon with the Tamers Set 2 PB-04 for the Digimon Card Game. Experience thrilling battles, collect powerful cards, and embark on an epic adventure. Protect your cards with the included sleeves and enjoy the exclusive playmat design. Get ready to evolve your game with this must-have set!

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Unleash Your Digimon Adventure with the Digimon Card Game – Tamers Set 2 PB-04!

Step into the digital world and ignite your passion for Digimon with the Digimon Card Game – Tamers Set 2 PB-04! This captivating card game brings the beloved Digimon franchise to life, allowing fans and collectors to immerse themselves in thrilling battles and strategic gameplay.

With the Tamers Set 2 PB-04, you’ll embark on an epic adventure alongside iconic Digimon characters. Engage in exciting battles, outsmart your opponents, and unleash the power of your Digimon creatures. The set features stunning card designs showcasing Omnimon Zwart Defeat, Omnimon Alter-B, Omnimon Merciful Mode, and more. These exclusive cards will make your collection stand out and impress fellow enthusiasts.

To ensure the longevity of your cherished cards, the Tamers Set 2 PB-04 includes 60 high-quality card sleeves. These sleeves not only protect your cards but also add a touch of style with an exclusive design available only in this set. Additionally, you’ll receive a durable playmat featuring an eye-catching design, providing a perfect battlefield for your exciting matches. Prepare to showcase your skills in style!

1. Endless Adventures: Dive into the Digimon universe and create thrilling stories with your favorite characters.
2. Powerful Digimon: Collect and evolve an impressive lineup of Digimon creatures, each with unique abilities and strengths.
3. Exclusive Design: Show off your love for Digimon with the included deck sleeves and playmat, featuring an exclusive design.
4. Strategic Gameplay: Plan your moves, anticipate your opponents’ strategies, and dominate the digital battlefield.
5. Collectors’ Delight: Enhance your collection with these sought-after cards and stand out among fellow Digimon enthusiasts.


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