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Get ready for an exhilarating twist on the UK’s biggest-selling game with Dobble 360! Designed by Zygomatic, this standalone card game brings a new level of excitement to the classic Dobble experience. With a 360-degree twist, two cards rotate using a mechanical engine, making it a challenge to spot the matching images. Sharpen your memory and observation skills as you race against the clock to find the single matching image.



Revamp Your Game Nights with the Unforgettable Dobble Connect – Where Speed Meets Strategy!

Are you tired of the same old board games and card games? Does it seem like they no longer keep everyone’s attention, leaving your gatherings lackluster?

Enter Dobble Connect, the answer to your party woes! Stop settling for ordinary when you can have extraordinary! Imagine a game that’s a hit at any gathering—something that pumps up the room with energy, laughter, and competitive spirit.

Dobble Connect is the groundbreaking game that mixes elements of reflex, strategy, and speed. The mission is simple yet addictive: be the first team to connect four cards in a row, all while spotting the one identical symbol between your cards and those on the table. What sets it apart? Everyone is in on the action at the same time, making every second count!

How It Works: Engage and Enjoy

In Dobble Connect, each player starts with a hand of cards, each depicting various symbols. As you place cards on the table, you’ll aim for a four-card sequence. However, to make a valid connection, you have to spot the common symbol between the cards you’re laying down and those already on the table. And with everyone racing to connect cards simultaneously, the stakes get high. Fast-paced and frenetic, each game lasts just 15 minutes, allowing you to dive into multiple rounds without a second thought!

Strategic Gameplay: More Than Just Luck

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity; Dobble Connect rewards players who can think on their feet. As you scout for matching symbols, you’ll also look for opportunities to block your opponents. A sharp eye and quick decision-making are your keys to victory.

🎉 Key Customer Benefits:

  1. Unbeatable Fun:
    When it comes to interactive entertainment, Dobble Connect is second to none. Players of all ages will find it irresistibly enjoyable.
  2. Quick and Easy:
    With a 15-minute game duration, there’s never a dull moment. Perfect for those who want to jump right into the action.
  3. Brain-Boosting:
    As you match symbols and strategize, you’re doing more than just playing; you’re also enhancing cognitive functions like pattern recognition and reflex speed.
  4. Perfect for Parties:
    Whether it’s a family reunion, a gathering of friends, or an office party, Dobble Connect fits the bill.
  5. Team Strategy:
    The thrill of Dobble Connect is amplified when teamwork comes into play. Work cohesively, strategize, and experience the joy of a well-earned win.

Don’t Delay: Elevate Your Parties Today!

Dobble Connect is more than just a game; it’s a social experience that brings people together. Order yours now and witness your gatherings transform into epic nights of fun and fellowship! Become the life of every party with Dobble Connect!


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