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Join your favorite Friends characters in Dobble Friends, the thrilling speed and observation card game from Zygomatic Games and Warner Bros. Spot classic symbols from the show like the turkey, purple door, and Central Perk logo. Race against friends to match symbols in this fast-paced game. Perfect for ages 6 and up, Dobble Friends guarantees endless fun, laughter, and friendly competition. Add this must-have game to your collection and enjoy unforgettable game nights with your friends and family. Get ready to spot, match, and have a blast with Dobble Friends! πŸŽ‰



Join the Friends for a Fast-Paced Dobble Adventure! Get Ready to Spot the Symbols and Hang Out at Central Perk!

Step into your favorite coffee house and embark on a thrilling adventure with Dobble Friends, the new speed and observation card game from Zygomatic Games and Warner Bros. This standalone game is designed for players aged 6 and above, making it perfect for the whole family.

Join the beloved Friends characters and discover classic symbols from the show, including the turkey, the purple door, and the iconic Central Perk logo. Get ready for non-stop fun, laughter, and friendly competition as you race against your friends to spot matching symbols. With its fast-paced gameplay and easy-to-learn rules, Dobble Friends guarantees hours of excitement and entertainment. Whether you’re a Friends fanatic or a casual player, this game is a must-have addition to your collection!

πŸ”‘ Key Benefits:
1. Instant Fun with Friends: Bring the magic of Friends to your game nights and enjoy fast-paced entertainment with the iconic characters you love.

2. Exciting Symbol Spotting: Sharpen your observation skills and race against your friends to spot thesymbols from the show. Who will be the quickest?

3. Family-Friendly Gameplay: Gather the whole family for laughter-filled evenings as you bond over Dobble Friends. Suitable for players aged 6 and above.

4. Classic Friends Symbols: Relive your favorite moments from the show as you encounter symbols like the turkey, the purple door, and the Central Perk logo.

5. Easy to Learn, Hard to Put Down: Dive into the game with simple rules and addictive gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. No Friends knowledge required!

Remember, in Dobble Friends, the adventure begins when you gather your friends and dive into the thrilling world of Friends. Who will spot the symbols first? It’s time to find out! 🌟


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