Doctor Who – Time of the Daleks: Seventh Doctor Ninth Doctor Board Game Expansion


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Only 1 left in stock


Step into the thrilling world of Doctor Who with the Time of the Daleks: Seventh Doctor & Ninth Doctor Board Game Expansion. This exciting expansion pack allows you to embark on incredible time travel adventures, meeting new companions, exploring iconic locations, and facing off against classic villains. Help the Doctors prevent the Daleks from taking over and be the first to reach Gallifrey. With its captivating gameplay, stunning artwork, and immersive storytelling, this expansion is a must-have for every Doctor Who fan.



Embark on Time-Traveling Adventures with “Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks” Expansion

Become a Time Lord in an Epic Battle Against Daleks

In “Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks Board Game Expansion,” you step into the shoes of the Seventh and Ninth Doctors. Join this race against time to thwart the Daleks’ plan to dominate the universe. Get ready for an exhilarating journey through space and time, visiting iconic locations and facing formidable foes from the Doctor Who series.

Experience the Excitement

This expansion pack immerses you in the thrilling world of Doctor Who. Your mission is to guide your TARDIS to Gallifrey and stop Davros and his Daleks. Each turn brings new challenges and decisions that can change the course of time.

Expanded Gameplay with New Doctors

The Seventh and Ninth Doctors join the adventure, bringing unique abilities to the game. With this expansion, you can play with 5-6 players, making it an ideal choice for group play. Enjoy strategic gameplay that lasts up to 120 minutes, filled with excitement and unexpected twists.

Immerse Yourself in the Doctor’s Universe

The expansion includes meticulously designed plastic models, TARDIS consoles, and various tiles and cards. These high-quality components, combined with stunning artwork, transport you directly into the world of Doctor Who, offering a deeply immersive experience.

Engaging and Strategic Fun for Fans and Gamers

Whether you’re a die-hard  fan or new to the series, this expansion provides hours of strategic and engaging gameplay. It’s a fun challenge for all players, offering a unique experience each time you play.

🔑 Key Benefits:

  1. Epic Time Travel Missions: Journey through the Doctor Who universe in thrilling adventures.
  2. Strategic Play for Groups: Ideal for 5-6 players, perfect for game nights.
  3. Rich Experience: High-quality game pieces and artwork bring the series to life.
  4. New Doctors, New Strategies: Explore different strategies with the Seventh and Ninth Doctors.
  5. Captivating and Challenging Fun: A must-have for fans and gamers, offering endless entertainment.

Gear up for a time-traveling quest to save the universe in “Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks Board Game Expansion.” Prepare to outsmart the Daleks and experience the excitement of being a Time Lord!


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