Dominion Expansion Seaside


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Embark on a swashbuckling journey with Dominion: Seaside! This thrilling expansion to the popular Dominion board game series takes you to pirate-infested waters where you’ll establish trade routes, conquer islands, and steer your ships to victory. With new cards and exciting gameplay mechanics, Dominion: Seaside offers endless strategic possibilities. Set sail, encounter new challenges, and prepare to dominate the seas in this must-have expansion for Dominion enthusiasts!



Set Sail for Adventure with Dominion: Seaside Expansion – Expand your Dominion experience and conquer the high seas!

Embark on a High Seas Adventure

Ready for adventure? The Dominion: Seaside expansion adds thrilling high seas excitement to your tabletop. This addition to the beloved Dominion game introduces elements that capture your imagination from the start.

Navigate Treacherous Waters

As you play, face pirate dangers and chart courses through risky rivers to establish profitable trades. Winning over island natives and securing their alliance is key. They offer trust and weapons for your victories.

Expand Your Dominion Experience

This expansion brings new strategies and over 250 kingdom cards, including favorites like Ambassador and Ghost Ship. Strategize, manage resources, and outwit opponents to dominate the seas.

Mix and Match for Endless Fun

While not standalone, Seaside complements the base game or Dominion: Intrigue, enriching your adventures. Every match transforms into a unique journey across vast oceans, filled with challenges and discoveries.

🔑 Key Benefits:

  • Strategic Depth: Adds fresh mechanics and cards for complex strategic play.
  • Adventure Awaits: Offers exciting nautical themes, from battling pirates to exploring new lands.
  • Ever-changing Gameplay: Over 250 cards ensure no two games are alike. Revel in the variety and challenge friends to see who masters the seas.
  • Versatile Combinations: Works with Dominion and Intrigue, broadening your gameplay options. Craft custom decks for personalized adventures.
  • Pure Entertainment: Engaging themes and mechanics promise hours of enjoyment. Dive into beautifully crafted nautical worlds and immerse yourself in the adventure.

Command your fleet and explore unknown waters in Dominion: Seaside. Prepare for epic adventures that keep you engaged game after game.


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