Dragon & Flagon The Brew That is True


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Only 1 left in stock


Embark on a whirlwind adventure with chaotic tavern brawls, magical potions, and new strategies. Unleash the unexpected and redefine your gaming nights!

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Unleash Chaotic Fun with The Brew That is True Expansion for The Dragon & Flagon Board Game!

Step into the fantastical world of tavern brawls and adventure with The Brew That is True expansion for The Dragon & Flagon board game! This expansion pack is your portal to an immersive gaming experience that takes the chaos to new heights.

Prepare for an epic showdown as you navigate the bustling bar fight with flair. With three thrilling additions, this expansion guarantees endless excitement for 2–8 players aged 14 and above. Drench your gameplay in unpredictability, thanks to nine new characters, each possessing unique abilities to strategize and conquer.

Unleash Magical Potions:
Dive into the mayhem with magical potions that bring wild and unpredictable effects to the fray. Strategize, improvise, and leave your opponents in awe as you deploy these game-changing elixirs to your advantage.

Redefine the Battlefield:
Topple bookshelves and witness the bar’s layout transform before your eyes. Control the flow of the game by manipulating the environment, delivering a fresh twist to every brawl.

Mix and Match Components:
Customize your gameplay by seamlessly blending the new expansion elements with the original Dragon & Flagon set. Unleash your creativity and make each playthrough uniquely your own.

Glowing Reputation Awaits:
Craft your winning strategy using the dynamic action queue system. Showcase your skills and build a glowing reputation as you overcome challenges, displaying your mastery in the ultimate bar fight to remember.

Unforgettable Gaming Nights:
With a playing time of 60 minutes, The Brew That is True expansion promises unforgettable gaming nights filled with laughter, suspense, and camaraderie. Bring friends and family together to relish in the shared joy of outlandish antics and memorable victories.

Get ready to enter a world where fantasy meets chaos, where strategy meets unpredictability. Upgrade your gaming experience with The Brew That is True expansion and let theexhilarating fun begin!


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