Escape the Dark Castle: – Cult of the Death Knight Expansion


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Expand your Escape the Dark Castle adventures with new characters, a powerful boss, and terrifying curses in this thrilling expansion.



Escape the Dark Castle: Adventure Pack 1 – Cult of the Death Knight

New Era of Darkness and Challenge

Welcome to the thrilling world of Escape the Dark Castle: Cult of the Death Knight. This expansion brings a formidable new adversary, the Death Knight, heightening the danger and excitement in the castle. Prepare to face his deadly curses in your quest for freedom.

Introducing New Characters and Challenges

This pack introduces three new characters: the mighty Mason, the cunning Hunter, and the wise Bishop. Each brings unique abilities and custom dice to the game, equipping you to confront the castle’s horrors.

Explore Uncharted Chapters

Delve into 15 new chapter cards, each presenting fresh strategic challenges and teamwork tests. However, beware of the 3 new item cards that bring dreadful curses, adding a twist to your escape efforts.

Immersive Cooperative Gameplay

Designed for 1 to 4 players, this expansion offers a captivating cooperative experience. Join forces with fellow prisoners to overcome the Death Knight and his cult.

Gameplay Features and Design

With moderate language dependence and a straightforward complexity rating, this expansion is accessible to players aged 14 and up. The design team, Alex Crispin, Thomas Pike, and James Shelton, along with artist Alex Crispin, have crafted an engaging expansion.

🔑Key Benefits of This Expansion

  1. Expanded Adventure: New characters, a formidable boss, and additional chapters enhance the gameplay.
  2. Unique Character Roles: Play as the Mason, Hunter, or Bishop, each with special abilities.
  3. Strategic Challenges: Work together to defeat the Death Knight and his followers.
  4. New Curses and Terrors: Tackle the challenges of new chapter and item cards.
  5. Endless Replayability: Experience different strategies and outcomes in each game.

Embark on an Epic Quest

Gear up for an unforgettable journey in Escape the Dark Castle: Cult of the Death Knight. Are you ready to face the new terrors and break free from the castle’s grasp?


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