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In Eternal Palace, you’ll join noble families vying for the Emperor’s favor by rebuilding his long-abandoned palace. Use your team of dice workers to collect resources, unlock locations, and contribute to the majestic monuments. Impress the Emperor with your artistic prowess as you paint beautiful pictures of his cherished gardens and palace. But watch out! Others are competing for the same honor. Recruit new workers, outmaneuver opponents, and prove yourself as the most skilled and dedicated restorer. With its engaging gameplay, tense decision-making, and intricate strategy, Eternal Palace is a must-have for any board game enthusiast seeking a captivating and interactive gaming experience.

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Eternal Palace: A Strategic Dice Placement Game

Welcome to the captivating world of Eternal Palace! Here, you become part of a noble family tasked with rebuilding the Emperor’s palace. This dice placement game offers a mix of strategy, resource management, and artistic creation, making for an immersive gaming experience.

Gameplay Mechanics: Strategy and Resource Management

Start your journey by assembling a team of dice workers. Through strategic placement and decision-making, gather resources and contribute to the palace’s reconstruction. The game board, depicting the Emperor’s estate, presents unique opportunities and challenges. Despite the uncertainty of dice rolls, you can navigate the board effectively by exchanging resources like fish.

Artistic Elements: Creating a Visual Legacy

In Eternal Palace, your contributions extend beyond construction. You’ll create beautiful artworks depicting the Emperor’s gardens and palace. These pieces, collected throughout the game, form a visual testament to your efforts and dedication. Will your artwork gain the Emperor’s admiration?

Competitive Edge: Outsmarting Rivals

Beware of competing noble families! They too are striving for the Emperor’s favor. Outmaneuvering them requires clever planning and resourceful tactics. Can you outshine your opponents and become the Emperor’s favorite?

Acclaimed Design and Replayability

Designed by Steven Aramini and featuring artwork by Jacqui Davis and Quentin Regnes, the game is praised for its intricate design and engaging gameplay. With variable setups and multiple strategies, Eternal Palace offers endless replayability, whether playing solo or with others.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Immersive Gameplay: Delve into the excitement of palace rebuilding and strategic dice placement.
  2. Tactical Decision-Making: Carefully plan moves, adapt to shifts, and wisely use resources to surpass rivals.
  3. Artistic Expression: Create beautiful landscapes and scenes, adding a unique artistic touch to your game.
  4. Interactive Competition: Stay ahead of your opponents with strategic actions and thoughtful gameplay.
  5. Endless Replayability: Enjoy a game that always feels fresh, with various setups and strategies.

Embrace the Challenge of Eternal Palace

Eternal Palace is more than a game; it’s a journey into a world of strategy, art, and competition. Ready to leave your mark on history and earn the Emperor’s favor? Join the exciting world of Eternal Palace and discover the thrill of this exceptional gaming experience.


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