Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Opus IX Booster


Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock


Dominate the game with iconic Bosses, stunning art, and premium foil cards. Get your Opus IX Booster Pack today!

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Unveiling Final Fantasy Opus IX

Embark on a Legendary Journey
Dive into the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with the Opus IX Booster Pack. This addition opens the door to a realm filled with power and chaos. Engage in epic battles using the most formidable Boss characters from the franchise’s storied history.

Rule with Villains Supreme
The OPUS IX: LORDS & CHAOS set celebrates the dominance of villains. Their unmatched abilities and summons offer you a chance to outplay your opponents and alter the game’s dynamics. Perfect for veterans and newcomers alike, these characters ensure a path to victory.

Discover the Richness of Final Fantasy

A Deep Dive into Character Lore
Opus IX enriches your experience by featuring characters from across the series, including FINAL FANTASY IV, VI, VIII, XIV, XV, and Mobius FINAL FANTASY. The set stands out with original art from Final Fantasy legends like Ryoma Ito and Toshiyuki Itahana, among others.

What’s Inside Each Booster Pack?
Every pack contains 12 cards, highlighted by 1 Premium Foil card. This mix promises dynamic gameplay and the thrill of building your ultimate deck.

🔑Key Benefits

Epic Bosses Unleashed: Utilize the might of iconic Boss characters to dominate the battlefield.

Endless Strategy: Inject new tactics into your play, revitalizing your gaming experience.

Collectible Art: Enjoy stunning, original artwork from renowned artists, enhancing your collection’s value.

Premium Foil Card: Add a touch of luxury with a Premium Foil card in every pack.

Limited Availability: These booster packs are in high demand. Secure yours quickly to avoid missing out.

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