Final Girl Slaughter in the Groves


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Survive the heart-pounding terror of Final Girl: Slaughter in the Groves expansion! Unleash strategy and confront the masked cultist killer in Africa’s Ancient Groves.



Survive the Groves of Horror: Final Girl Expansion Unleashes Africa’s Cultist Nightmare!

Step into the heart of darkness with the Final Girl: Slaughter in the Groves expansion – an electrifying addition that takes your gaming experience to new, spine-tingling heights! Venture into the mysterious “Ancient Groves” of Africa, where beauty and terror collide, in a battle of survival against the malevolent cultist killer, Inkanyamba.

Unleash the power of your wits and strategy as you navigate the treacherous landscapes and sacred places, all while evading the relentless grasp of the masked killer. Crafted by designer Evan Derrick and brought to life through the lens of the talented Director of Photography, Tumo Mere, this expansion offers a unique cinematic thrill.

🔥 Key Benefits:

1. Thrilling Suspense: Immerse yourself in the suspenseful world of horror cinema. Will you be the ultimate survivor, overcoming twisted challenges?

2. Cultist Conundrums: Confront the enigmatic Inkanyamba, driven by vengeful gods, in an epic showdown that will test your cunning and strategy.

3. Location Variety: With the double-sided Feature Film Boxes, each boasting a distinct killer and iconic location, the possibilities are limitless. Collect them all for an array of killer/location combinations!

4. Stunning Artistry: Marvel at the intricately illustrated covers on both sides of the Feature Film Boxes. Experience the magic of magnetically attached, reversible box covers that double as Killer and Location boards.

5. Unveil Secrets: Dive deep into the narrative as you uncover the mystery behind the Ancient Groves and face unimaginable challenges with every turn.


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