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Fleecing Olympus


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Join the epic dice battle of the gods in Fleecing Olympus, the thrilling board game where Hades, after ages of toiling in the underworld, convinces the other gods to challenge Zeus for control of Mount Olympus! Will luck favor you as you take on the role of powerful deities, using your unique powers and cunning strategies to steal golden gems from fellow players? With quick 20-45 minute gameplay for 3-6 players aged 14 and above, this mythological bluffing, card, and dice game will keep you on the edge of your seat!



Conquer Mount Olympus in Fleecing Olympus Board Game – Steal Gems, Use Deity Powers, and Rule as a God!

Welcome to the captivating world of Fleecing Olympus, where ancient gods and goddesses are vying for control of Mount Olympus in an intense showdown against Zeus! The stage is set for an epic battle as Hades rallies his divine allies to challenge the reigning god for the throne. Now, it’s your turn to step into the shoes of these powerful deities, each possessing unique abilities and the unwavering drive to claim Olympus as your own!

Fleecing Olympus is a thrilling board game that combines dice rolling, strategic card abilities, and the art of bluffing. The objective is simple – steal golden gems from other players and amass the most to ascend the divine throne as the new ruler of Mount Olympus! With a playing time of 20 to 45 minutes, it’s the perfect game to dive into during game nights or gatherings with friends and family.

🔑 Key Benefits:
1. Divine Powers: Unleash the strength of your chosen deity! Each god and goddess comes with special powers that can turn the tide of the game in your favor. Strategically use these abilities to outwit your opponents and secure your path to victory.

2. Intense Dice Battles: Roll the dice and let fate decide your fate! With each turn, excitement builds as you steal gems or defend against rival gods. Every roll counts, and with a pinch of luck, even the underdog can rise to the top!

3. Quick and Engaging Gameplay: No need for marathon gaming sessions – Fleecing Olympus offers fast-paced action that keeps everyone engaged. The game strikes a perfect balance between strategy and fun, ensuring everyone has a blast, regardless of experience levels.

4. Thematic Immersion: Immerse yourself in the enthralling world of Greek mythology! The stunning artwork by Matt Franklin and the game’s rich narrative enhance the experience, making you feel like a true god battling for control of Olympus.

5. Social and Competitive Fun: Forge alliances, manipulate opponents, and engage in playful banter – Fleecing Olympus is not just a game; it’s an interactive social experience that strengthens bonds and creates lasting memories.

Unleash your inner god and embark on a quest to claim the divine throne! Are you ready to seize Mount Olympus and secure your place among the pantheon of gods? Get ready for Fleecing Olympus and let the battle of the ages begin!


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