Force of Will: Awakening of the Ancients Booster Pack


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Only 1 left in stock


Awakening of the Ancients is an extraordinary expansion set that takes the Force of Will Trading Card Game to new heights. Embrace improved card distribution and enhance your deck-building with powerful support for various races. Unleash the might of Gods, unravel the mysteries of House and Mouse, and immerse yourself in a world of adventure. Sealed and Draft formats make pack openings exciting games in themselves, while strengthened starter decks offer a solid foundation for new and seasoned players alike. Awaken the Ancients, seize victory, and leave your opponents in awe!

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Unleash the Ancients: The Gateway to Domination

Embark on an epic journey with Awakening of the Ancients, the latest expansion in the Force of Will Trading Card Game. This expansion not only captivates with its rich lore and stunning artwork but also introduces innovative gameplay mechanics. As a result, players are set to experience battles and strategic gameplay like never before.

Delving into New Valhalla

Firstly, prepare to explore the New Valhalla Cluster, a realm where the newly introduced God, House, and Mouse races await. Each race brings its unique strengths and abilities to the battlefield. By harnessing these ancient powers, you add depth and versatility to your gameplay. Whether you prefer the might of the Gods, the cunning of the House, or the whimsy of the Mouse, there’s a strategy for every playstyle.

A Fresh Design Philosophy

Moreover, Awakening of the Ancients draws inspiration from the first set of the New Valhalla series, aiming to enhance the player’s experience. The card distribution rate has seen significant improvement, streamlining the process of collecting playsets. This means players can now focus more on honing their strategies rather than tirelessly searching for that one elusive card.

Reinventing Game Formats

Additionally, the expansion introduces exciting sealed and draft formats, adding a new layer of enjoyment to the game. Each pack opened is a treasure trove of potential, brimming with new strategies and surprises. These formats are not only thrilling for seasoned players but are also inviting for those just starting their Force of Will journey.

Supporting the Starters

Furthermore, Awakening of the Ancients pays special attention to starter decks, enhancing their strength and utility. These enhancements provide a solid foundation for both newcomers and experienced players alike, enabling them to build powerful decks with confidence.

🔑Key Benefits

  • Ease of Collection: Improved card distribution makes it simpler to acquire the cards you need, facilitating quicker and more efficient deck building.
  • New Races to Explore: The introduction of the God, House, and Mouse races expands your strategic options, allowing for a variety of gameplay styles.
  • Innovative Formats: The sealed and draft formats offer fresh and exciting ways to engage with the game, ensuring every card unveiling is a delightful experience.
  • Enhanced Starter Decks: With strengthened starter decks, players can start strong and evolve their strategies as they progress.

Conclusion: A New Era of Strategy

In conclusion, Awakening of the Ancients offers a transformative experience for Force of Will players. By embracing these changes, you can unleash your strategic prowess, conquer the battlefield, and leave a lasting impression on your opponents. Rise to the challenge and let the awakening begin!


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