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Experience the miracles of the forest in this clever card game. In Forest Shuffle, 2-5 players compete in gathering the most valuable trees and attract species, thus creating an ecological balanced habitat for flora and fauna.

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Embark on an enchanting journey with “Forest Shuffle,” a captivating board game where players strive to create a harmonious ecosystem. In this game, you’ll collect the most prized trees and lure various forest inhabitants to them, aiming to establish a thriving balance of plants and animals.

As you begin, each player is dealt six cards. These cards feature either a unique tree species or two forest creatures (animals, plants, mushrooms, etc.). The creature cards are split either vertically or horizontally, showcasing one creature on each half.

Your turn involves a strategic choice: either draw two cards (from the face-down deck or the face-up ones in the clearing) to enhance your hand, or play a card from your hand by covering its cost and bringing it into the game.

The game setup includes placing three winter cards within the lower third of the deck. The game reaches its exciting conclusion when the third winter card is revealed. At this point, players calculate their scores based on the variety of trees and creatures they’ve gathered in their forest. The player with the highest score emerges as the victor, having successfully created the most flourishing forest habitat.


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