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Happy City


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Welcome to Happy City, where happiness is the ultimate goal! Build your own adorable and joyful metropolis with 10 unique buildings, strategize, and compete with friends and family in a heartwarming board game adventure. Delight in captivating artwork and immerse yourself in 20-30 minutes of strategic gameplay. Get ready for laughs and unforgettable moments as you aim to create the happiest city ever in Happy City board game! Suitable for ages 10 and up.

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Build Your Happiest City Ever with Happy City Board Game!

Welcome to the enchanting world of Happy City, where you can unleash your inner urban planner and create the most joyful and adorable city ever! Happy City is an engaging and heartwarming board game that lets you immerse yourself in the art of city building, all with one ultimate goal: happiness. Gather your friends and family, and embark on a delightful journey of strategy and fun!

In Happy City, you’ll be challenged to construct a thriving mini-metropolis, filled with 10 unique buildings that will keep your citizens smiling from ear to ear. Each round brings excitement and rewards as you follow these simple but thrilling gameplay steps:

1. Income Phase: At the beginning of every round, all players receive coins based on the income symbols at the bottom of their cards. Build your wealth and set the groundwork for your happiness-filled city.

2. Action Phase: This is where the real magic happens! You’ll get to:
a. Explore: Choose to discard one available building from the market and reveal up to 3 new cards from any of the three building decks, adding them to the supply.
b. Build: Make strategic choices! Purchase a card from the supply or take a coin from the bank if you don’t find a perfect fit. Remember, no duplicate cards in your city!
c. Claim Bonuses: If your city meets the conditions for an available Bonus Building, don’t hesitate to claim it and earn extra happiness points!

3. Game-End: The moment one player adds their 10th card to their city, it’s time to tally up the happiness. Multiply the number of citizens by the total number of hearts on your cards. The player with the highest result triumphs as the master architect of the happiest city in Happy City!

🔑 Key Benefits:
1. Joyful City Building: Happy City brings out the architect in you, allowing you to design and create a happy haven full of cute buildings.
2. Fun for All Ages: Suitable for players aged 10 and up, Happy City guarantees laughter and entertainment for the whole family.
3. Strategic Gameplay: Make wise decisions, explore the market, and outwit your opponents to build the most delightful city and win the game!
4. Short and Sweet: With a playing time of 20-30 minutes, Happy City provides a satisfying gaming experience without consuming your entire day.
5. Beautiful Artwork: Adorned with captivating illustrations by artist たかみまこと (Makoto Takami), Happy City is a treat for the eyes!

Start your quest for happiness and charm today with Happy City, the board game that will fill your gaming sessions with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments!


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