Imperial Assault Galactic Empire Pack Royal Guard Champion


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Unleash the power of Star Wars battles with the Royal Guard Champion Pack. Dominate missions, strategize, and conquer the galaxy!



Step into Epic Star Wars Battles with Imperial Assault: Royal Guard Champion Pack

Experience the Star Wars Universe

Immerse Yourself in Galactic Adventures

Get ready for an enthralling experience with the Fantasy Flight Games’ Imperial Assault Galactic Empire Pack: Royal Guard Champion. This expansion propels you into the heart of the Star Wars universe, offering hours of tactical combat and adventure.

Elevate Your Gameplay

Moreover, this expansion revolutionizes your gaming sessions. It replaces the basic token from the Core Set with a detailed plastic figure of the Emperor’s Royal Guard Champion, enhancing the realism of your battles.

Game Features and Gameplay

Dynamic Tactical Combat

Prepare to lead the Imperial Army or Rebel heroes in immersive tactical missions. Whether it’s executing daring heists or engaging in strategic battles, this expansion adds depth to both the campaign and skirmish modes of Imperial Assault.

New Missions and Strategies

Additionally, with new missions and essential Command cards, the Royal Guard Champion Pack broadens your strategic options, offering fresh challenges and opportunities to outsmart your opponents.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Thrilling Tactical Combat
    • Engage in intense battles, commanding forces in diverse missions that keep you on the edge of your seat.
  2. Realistic Collectible Figurine
    • Enhance your game with a detailed plastic figure, bringing a new level of authenticity to your gameplay.
  3. Endless Gaming Possibilities
    • Explore a variety of campaign paths and evolving storylines, offering hours of engaging gameplay.
  4. Strategic Depth
    • Carefully plan your moves and use Command cards strategically to gain the upper hand in battles.
  5. Versatile Gaming Experience
    • Cater to your preference with options for both campaign missions and skirmish battles, ensuring a dynamic gaming session every time.


Join the Galactic Saga

The Imperial Assault: Royal Guard Champion Pack is your gateway to unprecedented Star Wars adventures. Are you ready to lead your forces to victory and become a part of the legendary saga? Elevate your gaming experience and join the epic journey today!


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