Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows


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Immerse in Star Wars action with Twin Shadows expansion. New heroes, epic battles, and thrilling missions await in this immersive journey.



Explore Tatooine in Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Twin Shadows Expansion”

Dive into the Thrills of Tatooine

The Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Twin Shadows expansion takes you on an electrifying journey to Tatooine, a world teeming with bounty hunters and intrigue. Prepare for an adventure where danger and excitement are constant companions.

Uncover Hidden Dangers

Investigate the growing Imperial presence on Tatooine. This expansion brings new missions, challenges, and mysteries, offering immersive storytelling and engaging gameplay.

New Allies in the Rebellion

Meet Biv Bodhrik and Saska Teft, two new heroic characters joining the Rebel Alliance. Rally your forces to rescue Han Solo and disrupt the Imperial plot alongside these courageous champions.

Shape the Galaxy’s Destiny

Lead your Rebel operatives in a strategic mini-campaign. Race against time to aid Han Solo and unravel the Imperial scheme. Your decisions influence the galaxy’s fate.

Command Forces in Mos Eisley

Engage in tactical skirmish battles set in the Mos Eisley cantina. Command forces against opponents, using the power of Heavy Stormtroopers and Tusken Raiders in strategic combat.

Limitless Gaming Possibilities

The Twin Shadows expansion adds over sixty new cards, ten sculpted plastic figures, and twelve double-sided map tiles to your Imperial Assault game. Expect fresh challenges and twists in every session.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Embark on New Adventures
    • Delve into exciting missions and scenarios in the Star Wars universe.
  2. Hone Strategic Skills
    • Sharpen your tactics as you lead Rebel heroes against the might of the Empire.
  3. Expand Your Game Collection
    • Add new characters, figures, and cards to your Imperial Assault collection.
  4. Engage in Captivating Storytelling
    • Uncover the Imperial plot’s truth through an engaging narrative.
  5. Dynamic Skirmish Gameplay
    • Experience the excitement of skirmish battles with unique strategies and abilities.


“Join the Galactic Saga with Twin Shadows” Step into a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Twin Shadows expansion. Unleash your strategic prowess, expand your collection, and become part of an epic story in the Star Wars universe. The adventure on Tatooine awaits!


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