Imperial Assault Villain Pack Greedo


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Join the action in Star Wars Imperial Assault Villain Pack. Engage in epic battles, upgrade your arsenal, and conquer the galaxy!



Step Into Galactic Intrigue with Greedo in the Star Wars Imperial Assault Villain Pack by Fantasy Flight Games!

Immerse Yourself in the Star Wars Universe

Gear Up for Adventure with Greedo Fantasy Flight Games invites you to the Star Wars universe with the Imperial Assault Villain Pack featuring Greedo. Ideal for 2 to 5 players aged 14 and up, this pack enhances your board game sessions with an immersive Star Wars experience.

Engage in Immersive Gameplay Adventures

Master Greedo’s Unique Skills Embark on a journey with Greedo, a key figure for Outer Rim operations. This pack, with two new skirmish missions, intensifies your game experience, offering unique strategic challenges.

Expand Your Strategic Resources

Discover Rich Strategic Options The pack opens up a variety of strategic possibilities, including a three-card Agenda set, Deployment cards, Item cards, and Command cards. Leverage Greedo’s abilities to add complexity to your tactics and outmaneuver opponents.

Experience Versatile Gameplay

Flexible and Dynamic Sessions Catering to both quick and long gaming sessions, this game offers flexibility, lasting from 60 to 120 minutes. It appeals to both newcomers and seasoned board game enthusiasts.

Become Immersed in Story-Driven Campaigns

Shape Your Galactic Tale Take control of the Rebel heroes or Imperial forces in story-driven campaigns where your decisions have real consequences. Your strategic choices impact the galaxy’s fate.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Iconic Star Wars Character
    • Play as the infamous Greedo, bringing a unique perspective to your Imperial Assault experience.
  2. Enhanced Strategic Depth
    • With new cards and missions, the pack adds layers of strategy, making each game session more engaging.
  3. Adaptive Gameplay Duration
    • Suitable for varying time commitments, providing flexibility for all types of players.
  4. Story-Driven Adventures
    • Engage in campaigns with evolving narratives, where your choices significantly impact the story.
  5. Immersive Star Wars Experience
    • Dive into the rich lore of Star Wars, enjoying a game that feels like part of the larger saga.


Dive into the Star Wars Universe The Imperial Assault Villain Pack featuring Greedo offers a comprehensive and enriching Star Wars experience. From strategic depth to immersive storytelling, it’s more than a game – it’s an adventure in a galaxy far, far away. Unleash your strategy and step into the iconic world of Star Wars today!


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