Land vs Sea Game


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Experience thrilling map-making challenges with Land vs Sea. Outmaneuver rivals, score big, and become the map-making champion!

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Land vs Sea: Dive into a Thrilling Map-Making Adventure Game!

Exciting Strategy Game for Friends and Family

Are you on the hunt for an engaging and strategic board game that promises hours of fun? Look no further than Land vs Sea! Perfect for 2-4 players, this game is ideal for family game nights or hanging out with friends.

Embark on an Epic Journey

Get ready to dive into an epic adventure filled with dragons, cartography, and strategic gameplay. Land vs Sea offers a refreshing twist on traditional board games by blending puzzle-solving with clever strategy.

Roles and Goals: The Heart of the Game

In Land vs Sea, players assume the roles of Land vs Sea Game, or the Cartographer in a 3-player game. Your mission? Place double-sided hex tiles to create a map collaboratively. Land players focus on completing land areas, while Sea players aim to dominate the sea regions. The more areas you complete, the higher your score!

Strategic Mastery: The Key to Victory

Victory in Land vs Sea hinges on your strategic prowess. You must judiciously place your tiles, maximizing your points and disrupting your opponents’ plans. Will you cunningly complete a rival’s area to snatch their bonus points, or will you control the game’s pace with strategic Play Again and Steal tiles? It’s a battle of wits and guile!

Expect the Unexpected: Hidden Information and Twists

With concealed information on the double-sided tiles, Land vs Sea Game is full of surprises and unforeseen developments. Skillfully replenish your hand from face-up tile stacks, strategizing your next move. The game reaches its climax with the placement of the last tile, crowning the player or team with the most points as the winner.

🔑Key Benefits

  • Inclusive Fun for All: Suitable for players aged 14 and up, Land vs Sea is a fantastic choice for families and groups of friends.
  • Engage Your Strategic Mind: Hone your strategic thinking as you race to complete areas and amass points.
  • New Challenges Every Time: With varying roles and partial information, each game is a new and thrilling challenge.
  • Unpredictability at Its Best: The hidden information on the tiles keeps the game exciting and unpredictable.
  • Competitive Excitement: Gather your friends and family and see who can reign supreme as the ultimate map-making champion!


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