Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game – The Chrysanthemum Throne


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Only 1 left in stock


Step into the Imperial City of Otosan Uchi and embark on a legendary journey with “The Chrysanthemum Throne” Dynasty Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. This thrilling expansion introduces new cards for each of the seven Great Clans, further defining their unique themes and strategies. From loyal samurai serving the Imperial family to powerful Imperial magistrates, this pack immerses you in the world of honor, politics, and the pursuit of the Imperial Favor. Expand your collection, enhance your gameplay, and join the ranks of the Emperor’s loyal servants!

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Unleash Otosan Uchi’s Power with “The Chrysanthemum Throne”

Expand Your Legend of the Five Rings Collection

Step into Otosan Uchi, the Imperial City, with “The Chrysanthemum Throne” Dynasty Pack. This expansion enriches your Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game experience, inviting you on an honor-bound journey within Rokugan.

Enhance Your Deck with Clan Cards

Diverse Strategies for Seven Great Clans

New cards for each clan bolster unique themes and strategies. From the Lion Clan’s stoicism to the Scorpion Clan’s enigma, enhance your decks and explore new tactics.

Immerse in Otosan Uchi’s Intrigue

Experience the Imperial City

Dive into the life of Otosan Uchi, meeting neutral samurai and Imperial magistrates. Their loyalty and authority add depth to your game, reflecting the Emperor’s grandeur.

Wield the Imperial Favor

Gain Rewards and Tactical Advantages

This pack emphasizes the Imperial Favor’s cycle, offering rewards that can shift battles in your favor. Claim it and leverage its power for victory.

🔑Key Benefits of “The Chrysanthemum Throne”

  1. Fresh Strategies: New cards for each clan open up innovative gameplay and deck-building opportunities.
  2. Imperial City Lore: Otosan Uchi’s grandeur and intrigue enhance the game’s immersive experience.
  3. Imperial Favor Power: Harness the Favor’s abilities to gain a competitive edge.
  4. Rich Storytelling: Deepen your engagement with Rokugan’s lore and strategic battles.
  5. For All Players: Engaging for both veterans and newcomers, this pack promises hours of entertainment.

“The Chrysanthemum Throne” Dynasty Pack offers a deeper dive into the world of Rokugan, expanding your collection and unveiling new gameplay dimensions.


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