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Love Letter is the ultimate game of cunning and romance, where players compete to win the heart of the noble Princess. Use strategy and deduction to maneuver your love letter to its destination, whether it’s the Princess herself or those closest to her. With new artwork by Andrew Bosley, screen-printed tokens, and the ability to play with up to six players, Love Letter offers an immersive and exciting gaming experience. Get ready for a captivating adventure!



Unleash Your Sneaky Charm with Love Letter – The Ultimate Game of Intrigue and Romance!

Unleash your inner charmer and embark on a thrilling journey of love, strategy, and intrigue with Love Letter! In this award-winning card game, you find yourself in the midst of courtly affairs, vying for the attention and affection of the noble Princess. Will you be the one to capture her heart and become her confidant?

Love Letter is a game of deduction, cunning, and calculated risks. Each player holds a hand of cards representing key people in the Princess’s life, and your goal is to cleverly use their unique abilities to outwit your opponents. By playing cards strategically, you can avoid detection and successfully deliver your letter, earning the Princess’s trust and favor.

Featuring stunning artwork by renowned artist Andrew Bosley, Love Letter immerses you in a world of Renaissance romance and secrecy. The game includes 21 character cards, 6 reference cards, 13 favor tokens, and a rulebook, all packed in an elegant and compact box.

One of the highlights of Love Letter is its versatility. With the ability to accommodate 2 to 6 players, Love Letter is suitable for both intimate gatherings and larger parties, offering endless fun for all. The Chancellor and the Spy, two new characters in the 2019 edition, add new dimensions to gameplay, allowing for exciting strategies and surprises.

Love Letter is not only an exciting game of strategy but also a test of your social skills and ability to read your opponents. Can you outmaneuver them and deliver your letter without being caught? Will you gain the Princess’s trust and become her most trusted confidant?

Unleash your strategic prowess, immerse yourself in a world of courtly romance, and experience the thrill of Love Letter. Buy your copy today and let the courtship begin!

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