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Join the epic battle with Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Vision & Winter Soldier! This expansion pack introduces two iconic characters to your game, each with their own incredible powers and gripping backstory. Vision, the android turned Avenger, possesses the ability to phase through solid objects, augment his strength, and unleash devastating energy blasts. Winter Soldier, the reformed Russian agent, brings his unparalleled combat skills and unwavering determination to fight alongside his old friend, Captain America. Prepare for intense two-player action as you strategize, roll the dice, and command these mighty heroes to protect the universe from evil. Unleash your imagination, shape your destiny, and experience the thrill of Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Vision & Winter Soldier!



Discover Vision & Winter Soldier in Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Embark on an adventure with the Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Vision & Winter Soldier expansion pack. This exciting addition brings two iconic characters into play, injecting new strategy and thrills into your game.

Vision: From Creation to Hero

Created by Ultron to defeat the Avengers, Vision defied his origins to become a hero. His ability to change density lets him pass through objects, making him a tricky adversary. Beyond strength, Vision can harness energy for powerful blasts. The solar gem on his forehead marks him as an indomitable protector.

Winter Soldier: A Tale of Resilience

Bucky Barnes, or the Winter Soldier, was Captain America’s World War II ally before his apparent death. Resurfacing as a brainwashed agent, he eventually reclaimed his freedom, thanks to Captain America. Known for exceptional combat skills and determination, the Winter Soldier adds a fierce edge to your game.

Engaging Gameplay and Strategy

This expansion pack enriches Marvel: Crisis Protocol with its compelling narrative and strategic depth. Assemble your team and navigate Vision and Winter Soldier through intense battles. Can you avert global catastrophe?

Imagination Meets Strategy

Dive into the Marvel Universe, creating or re-enacting pivotal battles. Vision and Winter Soldier’s heroics offer endless storytelling possibilities, ensuring each game is uniquely enthralling.

Key Expansion Features

  1. Game Expansion: Enrich Marvel: Crisis Protocol with Vision and Winter Soldier, broadening strategic options.
  2. Heroic Abilities: Utilize Vision’s density control and energy powers or embrace Winter Soldier’s combat prowess.
  3. Rich Backstories: Explore the compelling histories of these characters, enhancing your gaming experience.
  4. Two-Player Battles: Engage in thrilling duels, testing strategies against friends or family.
  5. Creative Storytelling: Harness the expansive Marvel Universe to craft unforgettable tales and scenarios.

Conclusion: A Gateway to Marvel Adventures

The Vision & Winter Soldier expansion pack is your ticket to deeper engagement with Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Whether strategizing for victory or exploring rich character arcs, this addition promises excitement and endless replayability. Embrace the power of these heroes and shape the fate of the Marvel Universe.


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