Munchkin Dragons: An Exciting Mini-Expansion


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What treasures await you in Munchkin Dragons? With 15 new cards, there are plenty of exciting items to discover. From powerful weapons to enchanted items, these treasures are sure to give you an edge in battle. Explore the world of Munchkin and discover the wondrous treasures that await you.

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Munchkin Dragons: Conquer Fearsome Dragons and Claim their Treasure

Conquer the Dragons and Claim their Treasure
Are you ready to take on the fearsome dragons of Munchkin Dragons? With 15 new cards full of wondrous treasures, this mini-expansion is the perfect addition to your Munchkin game. But first, you’ll have to slay some dragons and claim their loot. Do you have what it takes?

Expand Your Munchkin Game with Munchkin Dragons
Looking for a way to spice up your Munchkin game? Look no further than Munchkin Dragons! With 15 new cards featuring cool and fearsome dragons, this mini-expansion will add new excitement and adventure to your Munchkin games. Plus, the wondrous treasures waiting to be found are sure to make the journey worth it.

Join the Hunt for Treasure in Munchkin Dragons
Calling all treasure hunters! Munchkin Dragons is the perfect mini-expansion for you. With 15 new cards full of wondrous treasures, this game will have you on the edge of your seat as you battle dragons to claim their loot. And with the added excitement and adventure of the dragon battles, you’ll never want to stop playing.


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