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Step into a whimsical world of puzzles and enchantment with “My First Escape Game: The Magical Forest” board game. Designed for both children and adults, this captivating escape room experience invites you to join Athi, a lovable dragon, on an unforgettable journey.



Embark on an Enchanting Adventure with “My First Escape Game: The Magical Forest” Board Game!</h4

In this cooperative game, players of all ages can become master puzzlers as they work together to solve intricate challenges. With the guidance of adult game masters, young adventurers can exercise their deductive skills, logical thinking, and teamwork abilities. The goal is to help Athi find his way back to his family by overcoming the test of the magical forest.

With a playtime of 45 minutes, “My First Escape Game: The Magical Forest” ensures non-stop excitement and engagement. Delve into a captivating world filled with fantasy, deduction, and real-time action. Can you decipher the clues, unlock hidden secrets, and guide Athi to safety before time runs out?

Customer Benefits:
1. Fun for All Ages: Perfect for families, game nights, and gatherings, this game accommodates 2-5 players, making it ideal for both small and large groups.
2. Engaging Cooperative Gameplay: Foster teamwork and communication skills as you collaborate with friends or family members to overcome challenges and accomplish the mission.
3. Educational and Developmental: Enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and deductive reasoning abilities in an entertaining and interactive way.
4. Immersive Escape Room Experience: Immerse yourself in a richly themed world, filled with magical creatures, intricate puzzles, and thrilling surprises.
5. Replayability and Variety: With multiple versions and expansions available, every playthrough offers a unique experience, ensuring endless hours of entertainment.

1. Embark on an Enchanting Adventure
2. Cooperative Gameplay for All Ages
3. Boost Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
4. Immerse Yourself in a Magical World
5. Endless Fun with Replayability and Expansions


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