My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game: Wild Wild Pussycats


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Unleash your heroic potential in the thrilling My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game! Engage in strategic duels, expand your deck with new heroes, and experience fast-paced battles. Join the ranks of true heroes today!

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Unleash Your Heroic Potential with My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game

Experience the Power of Your Favorite Heroes

Unleash your inner hero and join the thrilling world of My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game! This officially licensed tabletop game brings the beloved anime series to life in an exciting and strategic dueling card game format. Immerse yourself in the incredible art and captivating gameplay, where you can truly feel the pulse-pounding action of the anime.

Master the Art of Dueling Strategy
Prepare for epic battles as you engage in head-to-head duels with other players, vying to prove your worth as the ultimate hero. My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game is a competitive and tactical experience, where your skills and strategies will be put to the test. Gather your favorite heroes, confront formidable villains, and rise above your rivals in a quest to become the true symbol of justice.

Expand and Enhance Your Deck
Your journey to becoming a legendary hero doesn’t end there. With our deck-loadable content packs (DLC), you can continuously evolve your gameplay and stay ahead of the competition. These packs introduce new cards that can counter stronger decks and breathe new life into lesser-known characters. To fully unlock the potential of your deck, we recommend starting your collection with the 2-Player Rival Deck, a perfect foundation for building your ultimate hero lineup.

Discover New Heroes with Wild Wild Pussycats
In this pack, you’ll find 24 stunning foil cards, including 4 character cards, 2 copies of each attack, and 2 copies of each foundation. Embark on a journey with the Wild Wild Pussycats, the Pro Heroes that bring their unique powers to the game. Meet Mandalay, Pixie-Bob, Ragdoll, and Tiger, each with their distinct abilities that can shape the fate of battles. Expand your collection, experiment with new playable characters, and uncover thrilling synergies that will surprise both your opponents and yourself.

Face Off in Fast-Paced Battles
Gather a friend and prepare for intense duels in the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game. This engaging trading card game is designed for two players, providing a dynamic and immersive experience for both beginners and seasoned gamers. With an average playtime of 20 to 30 minutes, every match becomes a thrilling race against time, where split-second decisions can turn the tide of battle. Will you seize victory and claim your place as the true hero?


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