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Step into a world of intrigue and supernatural phenomena with Mysterium, the captivating board game that will test your psychic abilities. As a gifted medium, you must channel spectral visions to unravel the secrets of a restless ghost and solve a murder mystery. With stunning artwork and immersive gameplay, Mysterium offers an unforgettable experience for 2-7 players.



Unleash Your Psychic Powers and Solve a Murder Mystery in Mysterium Board Game!

Embark on a thrilling journey of mysticism and deduction with Mysterium, the award-winning board game. Dive into a 1920s séance to solve a ghost’s murder mystery in this hauntingly beautiful game.

A Ghostly Quest for Justice

At the heart of Mysterium, an enigmatic ghost seeks justice. The ghost, communicating through visions, works with mediums to uncover the truth. One player becomes the ghost, while others act as mediums, interpreting spectral messages to solve the mystery.

Supernatural Collaboration

Immerse yourself in a supernatural atmosphere. The ghost gives vision cards to mediums, hinting at suspects, locations, and weapons. Time is crucial; mediums must collaborate and guess accurately before time runs out.

Innovative Gameplay and Narrative

Mysterium transcends traditional board games. It blends suspense, strategy, and storytelling, with beautifully designed components and a two-minute sand timer for tension. This game creates an immersive, unforgettable experience.

Perfect for Diverse Groups

Suitable for 2-7 players and lasting 42 minutes, Mysterium is great for various gatherings. It’s ideal for ages 10 and up, making it perfect for family and friends.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Unlock Your Psychic Potential: Explore your psychic abilities as you interpret ghostly visions.
  2. Engaging Cooperative Gameplay: Work with fellow mediums to decipher the ghost’s clues.
  3. Stunning Artwork and Atmosphere: Enjoy captivating illustrations and an evocative theme.
  4. Replayability and Variety: Each game offers new puzzles with various suspects, locations, and weapons.
  5. Easy to Learn, Yet Challenging: Accessible for beginners, Mysterium also offers strategic depth for experienced players.

Embark on an adventure in Mysterium, where you’ll unravel the spectral realm’s mysteries and become a master psychic detective!


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