Pathfinder Second Edition Dice Set


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Only 1 left in stock


Step into the world of limitless fantasy adventure with the Pathfinder Second Edition Dice Set. Crafted by Q WORKSHOP and Paizo Inc., these dice are designed for the Next Evolution in Tabletop Roleplaying. Prepare to create your own hero and embark on an epic journey through the age of Lost Omens. Made from the finest material, these sand beige dice with burgundy painting feature complexly carved engravings, including the new sigil of Pathfinder Role Playing Game. Whether you’re a player or a Game Master, these dice will shape the future of your Pathfinder world. Discover the most readable and user-friendly dice in Q WORKSHOP’s history, perfect for carving the destiny of your in-game characters.



Introducing the Pathfinder Second Edition Dice Set

Are you ready to carve your own destiny and become a legend in tabletop roleplaying? Dive into the next evolution of adventure with the Pathfinder Second Edition Dice Set. These dice are your key to elevating adventures in the age of Lost Omens.

Premium Quality and Design

Crafted from the highest quality materials, these dice feature a sand beige color with intricate burgundy painting in complexly carved engravings. Each die showcases the new sigil of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game, marking your path to heroism. Tailored for both seasoned players and Game Masters, these dice aim to enhance your Pathfinder experience.

Versatile and User-Friendly

Moreover, the Pathfinder Second Edition Dice Set shines with its versatility. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Pathfinder RPG and other beloved games, these dice become essential companions on any adventure you undertake. Their universal appeal ensures they fit perfectly into any game night.

Clear and Smooth Gameplay

Craftsmanship shines through in these dice, offering unmatched readability and a user-friendly experience. Say goodbye to the frustration of unclear rolls. These dice guarantee that your destiny remains unmistakable, allowing for a smoother, more enjoyable adventure.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Choosing the Pathfinder Second Edition Dice Set brings several key advantages to your tabletop gaming:

  1. Unleash Your Imagination: Step into limitless fantasy adventures, crafting your hero’s journey in the expansive world of Golarion.
  2. Superior Craftsmanship: Enjoy the longevity and elegance of dice made from premium materials, featuring sand beige and burgundy colors.
  3. Universal Compatibility: Enhance any game with these versatile dice, compatible with Pathfinder RPG and beyond.
  4. Readability and User-Friendliness: Experience the ease of readable and user-friendly dice, designed to streamline your gameplay.
  5. Official Pathfinder Product: Embrace the authenticity and quality of an official dice set developed in collaboration with Paizo Inc.

Begin Your Heroic Journey

Embark on your next adventure with the Pathfinder Second Edition Dice Set. Open the door to endless possibilities, forge your path, and let your imagination take flight. The time has come to etch your name into legend!


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