Plague Inc. The Board Game


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Only 1 left in stock


Plague Inc.: The Board Game brings the addictive gameplay of the smash-hit digital virus game to your tabletop! Take on the role of a deadly disease, compete against other players, and unleash your contagion upon the world. Spread your infection by strategically placing tokens in cities, earn DNA points, and prevent rivals from dominating. Upgrade your pathogen by evolving trait cards, add new symptoms, and plan ahead to exploit opportunities. Can you outsmart your opponents and wipe out humanity?

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Infect, Evolve, and Wipe Out Humanity in Plague Inc.: The Board Game!

Welcome to a World of Strategic Infection

Dive into Plague Inc.: The Board Game, where you control the fate of humanity with a pandemic. Based on the popular digital game, this board game adaptation brings that excitement right to your tabletop.

Becoming the Ultimate Disease

As a player, you embody a deadly disease. Your mission is to spread across the globe, evolve and beat other diseases. Start as Patient Zero and strategically spread your infection, gaining DNA points and outmaneuvering rivals.

Mastering the Art of Infection

Infecting countries requires strategic thinking. You must adapt to climates and exploit connections. Choose your targets wisely, adapt to changes, and seize opportunities to advance your disease.

Evolution is Key

Use trait cards to evolve your pathogen. In the early stages, your disease needs to grow stronger. Each symptom you add boosts your pathogen’s potency, ensuring its survival and lethality.

A Game of Strategy and Tactics

Plague Inc.: The Board Game is a mix of immersive gameplay and intense competition. It’s perfect for 1-4 players who love strategic decision-making. Can you outsmart your opponents and bring humanity to its knees?

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Engaging Strategic Gameplay
    • Delve into the addictive challenge of spreading a global pandemic, just like the popular digital game.
  2. Compete and Outwit
    • Go head-to-head with friends and family to see who can craft the most lethal disease.
  3. Evolution and Upgrades
    • Strategically evolve your disease, making it more potent and resilient against countermeasures.
  4. Exploit Changing Scenarios
    • Stay one step ahead, adapting to the shifting global landscape and using it to your advantage.
  5. Unleash Powerful Symptoms
    • Select from various symptoms to enhance your disease’s impact, making it more infectious and deadly.

Ready for the Challenge?

Step up and take control of your own pathogen in Plague Inc.: The Board Game. Will you be the mastermind behind humanity’s downfall, or will the world outsmart your deadly creation? Grab your copy and start the infection!


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