Trial by Trolley: R Rated Track Expansion


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Elevate your game nights with Trial by Trolley’s R Rated Track Expansion! Engage in twisted debates and uproarious laughter.



Spice Up Game Nights with Trial by Trolley: R Rated Track Expansion

Revitalize Your Board Games: Say goodbye to boring game nights! Introducing Trial by Trolley: R Rated Track Expansion – the perfect twist to liven up your evenings.

Dive into Outrageous Fun

Laugh Out Loud: Get ready for a night of uncontrollable laughter. Navigate through 100 R-rated tracks, each one more hilarious than the last.

Discover Daring Humor

Dark Humor Galore: This expansion immerses you in wild, dark humor. Ideal for adults, it’s a fresh take on your favorite game, promising a unique and uproarious time.

Engage in Witty Debates

Debate and Delight: Transition to a realm of unexpected fun. Engage in wild debates over new track cards, sparking laughter and lively discussions.

Experience Unforgettable Moments

Hilarious Dilemmas: Prepare for morally questionable and unimaginably funny situations. This expansion guarantees a game night full of spirited banter and unforgettable fun.

🔑Key Benefits of the R Rated Track Expansion

  1. Expand the Unthinkable: Jump into audacious and unpredictable fun with 100 new R-rated track cards.
  2. Unleash Laughter: Engage in epic wit battles, deciding the fate of characters on the tracks.
  3. Moral Challenges: Face mind-boggling decisions in morally ambiguous scenarios, sparking hilarious debates.
  4. Unique Entertainment: Step away from the ordinary for a gaming experience filled with unexpected outcomes.
  5. For Daring Adults: Perfect for those who love dark humor, this expansion promises a bold, fun-filled game night.

Conclusion: A Must-Have for Game Lovers

Elevate Your Gaming Fun: Trial by Trolley: R Rated Track Expansion isn’t just an add-on; it’s a ticket to a night of daring humor and lively entertainment. Perfect for adults seeking something different, it’s sure to make your game nights unforgettable. Grab your copy and get ready for an evening bursting with fun and laughter!


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