Project Z Starter Set – The Zombie Miniatures Game


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Fight for your life in the post-apocalyptic streets infested with ravenous zombies in Project Z: The Zombie Miniatures Game. Scavenge for supplies, battle the undead and rival gangs, and experience the thrill of survival in this fast-paced skirmish wargame. With highly detailed self-assembly plastic models, specially designed dice and cards, and easy-to-learn rules, Project Z delivers an immersive and action-packed gaming experience for 1 to 3 players. Can you outsmart the environment and outlast the growing horde of zombies?



Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in Project Z: The Ultimate Miniatures Game!

Step into a World Overrun by Zombies

Get ready for the ultimate survival challenge with Project Z: The Zombie Miniatures Game. This game plunges you into the chaos of a world infested by zombies, where every move is a battle for survival.

The Fight for Survival

In Project Z, you’re not just battling the undead. You’ll also face rival street gangs in a desperate scramble for scarce resources. In this lawless world, survival is your only goal. Will you emerge victorious against both the living and the dead?

Choose Your Faction

Whether you lead the Survivors or a Street Gang, the game provides an intense experience for 1 to 3 players. Each group has unique strengths, ensuring diverse and exciting gameplay.

Immersive Miniatures and Easy-to-Learn Gameplay

The game features 39 intricately designed plastic models, bringing the post-apocalyptic world to life. Dive into the action with easy-to-grasp rules, specialized dice, and cards, making it accessible for all players.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Exhilarating Survival Gameplay
    • Navigate a world filled with zombies and hostile gangs, where every decision could mean life or death.
  2. Highly Detailed Miniatures
    • Enjoy assembling and playing with top-quality models that add depth and realism to your gaming experience.
  3. Simple Yet Strategic
    • Quickly get into the game with straightforward rules, while still enjoying the depth of strategic planning and tactical battles.
  4. Flexible for Solo or Group Play
    • Whether playing alone or with friends, the game adapts to provide an engaging experience for 1 to 3 players.
  5. Never the Same Game Twice
    • With varied scenarios and an evolving challenge, each playthrough offers a new and exciting survival adventure.

Are You Prepared to Survive?

Gear up for an unforgettable adventure in Project Z: The Zombie Miniatures Game. Test your mettle against the undead and other survivors in a fight for your life. Can you outwit, outfight, and outlast the apocalypse? The battle for survival begins now!


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