Rivals for CATAN: Age of Darkness (New Edition)

Rivals for CATAN: Age of Darkness (New Edition)


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Enter a realm of treachery and triumph with Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness expansion! This thrilling expansion pack brings the Dark Ages to life, offering three unique theme sets that add depth and excitement to your Catan adventures. Witness epic religious disputes, engage in ruthless trade wars, and defend your territories against barbarian invasions. With 90 captivating cards and endless strategic possibilities, Age of Darkness is a must-have for fans of the base game.



Step into the Shadows: Master the Challenges with Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness Expansion

Prepare yourself for an enthralling adventure like no other as you step into the Dark Ages of Catan. With Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness expansion, you can now immerse yourself in the mysterious and intense chapters of Catan’s history, adding a whole new layer of complexity and challenge to your gameplay. This 90-card expansion offers three unique theme sets that promise to engage your strategic thinking and tactical prowess.

The Era of Intrigue: Shape the Spiritual Landscape of Catan

As old and new beliefs clash, it’s your chance to shape the spiritual fate of Catan. The “Religious Dispute” mechanic puts you and your rival into conflicts where both may suffer losses, but strategic use of Churches and Temples could minimize the damage. Will you leverage the power of a Church and Temple to build the Great Thingstead and settle the spiritual dispute once and for all?

The Era of Merchant Princes: Rule the Economics of Catan

Embrace your inner merchant prince as you aim to control Catan’s commerce. Take advantage of the “Commercial Harbor” and “Merchant’s Residences” to gain a trading edge. With unique upgrades like “Maritime Trade Monopolies” and “Master Merchants,” your trading empire will be unparalleled. Do you have the shrewd business acumen to dominate the trade market?

The Era of Barbarians: Fortify, Defend, and Conquer

In this perilous era, your ability to defend your holdings could make or break your game. Build resilient Castles and impenetrable Border Fortresses to safeguard your territories. With the help of new heroes and units like the Strategist and the Caravel, counter both the barbarian hordes and your cunning rivals. Can you rise to be the stronghold in these chaotic times?

Elevate Your Game: Multiple Paths to Victory

This expansion pack introduces a plethora of strategic options, compelling mechanics, and thematic richness. Whether you’re new to Catan or an experienced player, the Age of Darkness expansion opens doors to a multitude of strategies and paths to victory.

Key Benefits:

  1. Three Unique Themes: Engage with riveting narratives that offer a wealth of tactical decisions.
  2. High Stakes Gameplay: Navigate religious disputes, economic rivalries, and barbarian invasions to secure your position.
  3. Strategic Depth: Deploy Churches, Temples, Trade Monopolies, and Fortresses to outsmart your rival.
  4. Replayability: New cards and mechanics ensure a fresh experience every time you play.
  5. Accessible Complexity: Perfect for players of all skill levels, offering a range of challenges to master.

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness expansion isn’t just an add-on—it’s a transformation of your Catan experience. Step into the realm of strategic mastery and historic adventure. Seize this opportunity to rewrite the history of Catan and etch your name into its legendary annals. Are you prepared to master the challenges that lurk in this era of darkness?


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