Seafarers 5 & 6 Player: CATAN Exp (2015 Refresh)


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Only 2 left in stock


Embark on a daring seafaring expedition with the Catan Seafarers Board Game Extension! Now, 5-6 players can join in the excitement of this award-winning adventure. Set sail, discover uncharted islands, and engage in strategic trade to become the undisputed ruler of the rich Isles of Catan! With nine captivating scenarios and an average playtime of 60-90 minutes, this expansion adds new dimensions to the beloved game. Sail the seas, build ships, and chart your way to victory in this immersive strategy board game.



Embark on a Voyage Beyond the Isle with the Catan Seafarers Board Game Extension!

The call of the sea is irresistible! The Catan Seafarers Board Game Extension offers you the opportunity to set sail from the Isle of Catan, venturing into the deep blue yonder to explore new lands, establish colonies, and battle for supremacy over the high seas. With room for 5-6 players, this extension ensures that everyone gets a ticket to ride on this grand adventure.

Get Your Crew Ready: A Catan Experience for 5-6 Players

The more, the merrier! This extension lets you bring even more friends and family into the Catan experience. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn game night into a thrilling high-seas adventure where every player contributes to the unfolding drama.

Discover and Conquer: Add Depth to Your Strategy

Navigate treacherous waters and avoid pirate-infested areas to discover remote islands rich in resources. This extension gives you more strategic depth, providing various routes to victory—through trade, naval domination, or island settlement.

Experience New Scenarios: Never the Same Game Twice

Tired of the same old Catan landscape? The Seafarers extension adds nine new scenarios that will challenge even the most seasoned of Catan sailors. From undiscovered isles to pirate lairs, every game is a fresh, exhilarating adventure.

Accessible to All: Perfect for Veterans and Newcomers Alike

Whether you’re a hardened sea captain or setting sail for the first time, this game is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for players aged 10 and up. The game masterfully blends elements of luck and strategy to create an engaging and balanced experience.

Immerse Yourself: Catan Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Feel the salt in the air and the wind in your sails as you explore the vast, uncharted waters of Catan. Every turn brings new possibilities and challenges, ensuring that no two games are ever the same.

Top 5 Reasons to Add Catan Seafarers to Your Game Night:

  1. More Players, More Adventures: Invite 5-6 players to join the high-seas escapade, ensuring a livelier, more interactive game.
  2. Strategic Depth: Navigate through uncharted territories and employ advanced strategies to claim new lands and resources.
  3. Never-Ending Excitement: Choose from nine different scenarios that offer endless replayability and fresh challenges.
  4. Inclusive Fun: Ideal for ages 10 and up, and tailored for both Catan newbies and experienced players.
  5. Immersive Experience: Become part of the rich Catan universe, where every decision you make can lead to victory or defeat.

So, ready the sails and weigh anchor! It’s time to broaden your horizons with the Catan Seafarers Board Game Extension. Will you become the most renowned and successful sea captain in the annals of Catan? There’s only one way to find out—set sail today!


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