Star Realms Colony Wars Game


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Join the epic battle for supremacy in Star Realms: Colony Wars! Build your fleet, crush foes, and seize control of the colonies!



Embark on a Galactic Adventure with Star Realms: Colony Wars

Step into the Role of a Fleet Commander

In Star Realms: Colony Wars, you take command of a powerful fleet, aiming for galactic dominance. This sci-fi deckbuilding game offers head-to-head duels and expands to four players, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for all players.

Command and Strategize for Victory

As a fleet commander, you must balance building a strong armada with efficient resource management. The game pushes you to strategize both offensively and defensively as you fight for control of the galaxy.

Acclaimed Design and Gameplay

Renowned designers Robert Dougherty and Darwin Kastle crafted this game. It has earned a nomination for the Golden Geek Best 2-Player Board Game Award in 2015 and has captivated thousands worldwide with its immersive mechanics and engaging gameplay.

A Perfect Blend of Strategy and Fun

Star Realms: Colony Wars is ideal for anyone seeking a mix of deep strategy, quick play, and beautiful artwork. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or new to deckbuilding, this game promises a challenging and enjoyable experience.

Ready to Conquer the Galaxy?

Don’t wait! Purchase Star Realms: Colony Wars now and begin your journey to become the ultimate ruler of the cosmos!

🔑Key Benefits 

  • Innovative Deckbuilding Mechanics: Actively build your fleet with a wide array of ships and bases. You must use Trade resources smartly to keep enhancing your fleet.
  • Thrilling Combat System: Attack aggressively and break down your opponent’s defenses. Aim to reduce their Authority points to zero to claim victory.
  • Quick and Engaging Gameplay: Each game, lasting around 20 minutes, demands strategic thinking. Fast-paced action allows for multiple rounds, each offering a new challenge.
  • Flexible Play Options: Whether as a two-player game or expanded to four, Star Realms: Colony Wars adapts to your group size and gaming preference.
  • Stunning Art and Design: Vito Gesualdi’s artwork immerses you in the Star Realms universe, elevating the overall experience.



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