Star Wars Armada: Expansion: Rebellion in The Rim Campaign


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Command your fleet in epic Star Wars Armada battles with Rebellion in The Rim Expansion. New challenges, team battles & rogue squadrons await!



Step Up Your Galactic Strategy with Star Wars Armada: Rebellion in The Rim Campaign Expansion

Immerse yourself even more deeply in the expansive universe of Star Wars with the Rebellion in The Rim Campaign Expansion for Star Wars Armada by Fantasy Flight Games. Number of Players: 2-6 | Average Duration: 120 Minutes. Experience unmatched levels of excitement as you engage in high-stakes space battles, strategic planning, and unprecedented cooperation among teammates. This expansion isn’t just an add-on; it’s a game-changer that enriches your Star Wars Armada journey in numerous ways.

Teamwork Taken to New Heights:

Firstly, let’s talk about team battles, a groundbreaking feature in the Rebellion in The Rim Campaign Expansion. Team Battles encourage cooperative play. This innovative mechanism adds a social dimension to your campaigns. Every encounter—whether with friend or foe—becomes a critical event that could alter the course of your Rebellion in The Rim Campaign.

Adaptability in Fleet Command:

Secondly, the Rebellion in The Rim Campaign Expansion offers an adaptable set of game mechanics. Mechanics accommodate any fleet size. These rules make the game welcoming for players of all levels and are particularly vital for scaling your fleet in the Rebellion in The Rim Campaign.

Personalized Leadership:

Moreover, seize the opportunity to design your own task force commander. Custom commanders can be designed. Your custom commander will guide your armada through the Rebellion in The Rim Campaign‘s battles, adding an individual touch to your strategies.

New Squadron Dynamics:

Additionally, fresh rogue and villain squadron cards come in the set. New Squadron Cards included. These characters can drastically change the tide of each engagement, adding another layer of tactical depth to your Rebellion in The Rim Campaign.

Tactical Mastery Required:

Lastly, tackle challenging objectives that will put your tactical prowess to the test. Objectives are part of both campaign and standard play. These objectives make each session of Rebellion in The Rim Campaign a comprehensive test of your abilities.

🔥 Key Benefits:

1. Epic Team Battles: Engage in cooperative battles with the team battle mechanics, deepening the strategic experience.

2. Flexible Scaling: Whether you’re commanding a massive fleet or a swift strike team, the mechanics easily accommodate any fleet size.

3. Unique Commanders: Forge your own task force commander to lead your armadas to victory, adding a personal touch to your strategies.

4. New Squadron Cards: Introduce fresh rogues and villains to your battles, reshaping the balance of power with each engagement.

5. Challenging Objectives: Conquer tactical challenges in both campaign and standard play, proving your mastery of the Star Wars universe.

So, for those seeking an immersive, strategic, and highly cooperative tabletop experience, the Rebellion in The Rim Campaign Expansion serves as an essential upgrade. Don’t miss out on this game-changing addition.


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