Star Wars Imperial Assault Chewbacca Ally Pack


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Team up with a fearless Wookiee and dive into thrilling Star Wars adventures with this ally pack for Imperial Assault!



Step Into a Galaxy Far, Far Away: The Ultimate Chewbacca Ally Pack for Star Wars Imperial Assault

Capture Attention: An Invitation to Galactic Heroism

Are you keen to set off on a space adventure like no other? Our Star Wars Imperial Assault Chewbacca Ally Pack by Fantasy Flight Games is your perfect starting point.

Build Interest: What’s in the Box?

This isn’t just any expansion pack. Inside, you’ll find a finely sculpted plastic figure of the legendary Wookiee, Chewbacca, ready to join you in battle. So, what can you expect? Well, it’s your chance to be part of the Rebel Alliance and team up with Chewbacca himself. Together, you’ll take on the evil Galactic Empire in battles that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Fuel Desire: Your Very Own Star Wars Saga

Whether you’re new to this universe or a lifelong fan, there’s something here for you. Picture this: you’re at the core of thrilling campaign missions, right between the events of ‘A New Hope’ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’ Your mission? Free enslaved Wookiees or sneak into an Imperial labour camp. The choice is yours.

Spur Action with Key Benefits

So why wait? Here’s what you’ll gain:

  1. Epic Adventures: Become a Rebel hero and face the mighty Galactic Empire in an engaging storyline.
  2. Meet Chewbacca: Partner up with the iconic Wookiee for an action-packed adventure.
  3. Tailor Your Game: Choose from campaign and skirmish modes for a variety of challenges.
  4. Play Again and Again: With different mission paths, you’ll have endless hours of fun.
  5. Boost Your Tactics: Unlock new command cards and strategies for your heroes.

Seal the Deal: Your Galaxy Awaits

Ready for your next gaming session? Don’t miss out. With the Chewbacca Ally Pack for Star Wars Imperial Assault, you’re not just playing a game; you’re entering a galaxy ripe for heroism. Invite your mates, and let’s defeat the Empire together.


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