Star Wars Imperial Assault: Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack


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Dominate battles, wield the Force, and rewrite your fate with Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack for Star Wars Imperial Assault.



Unleash Galactic Power: Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack for Star Wars Imperial Assault!

Ignite your Star Wars Imperial Assault battles with the electrifying Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack! With the power to command Force lightning and sow the seeds of destruction, Emperor Palpatine is your key to dominance on the battlefield.

Crafted by Fantasy Flight Games, this pack transports you into the heart of the Star Wars universe, inviting you to experience the thrill of assembling your own destiny. Wield the might of the Galactic Empire as you throw lightning, manipulate foes, and guide your minions toward triumph.

Emperor Palpatine’s prowess in melee combat is merely the tip of the iceberg – his innate Pierce “3” is just a taste of the incredible strength he brings to the table. The Villain Pack introduces a collection of Force-themed Command cards and an Agenda deck, unraveling the web of his grand schemes.

Venture into new dimensions of gameplay with missions that require the Heart of the Empire expansion, diving deep into immersive narratives that draw you into the heart of the action. Whether you’re a seasoned tactician or a fresh recruit, this pack caters to 2 to 5 players, delivering a one-hour playtime that will keep you engaged.

🔥 Key Benefits:
1. Command the Dark Side: Rule over the battlefield with Emperor Palpatine’s devastating abilities and lead the Galactic Empire to victory.

2. Endless Strategy: Dive into the immersive campaigns and skirmishes, facing unexpected twists and turns with every mission.

3. Expand Your Arsenal: Discover the allure of Force-themed Command cards, adding depth and complexity to your tactics.

4. Unveil Dark Plots: Explore the depths of Emperor Palpatine’s cunning and unravel his intricate schemes across missions.

5. Epic Star Wars Adventure: Immerse yourself in the fantasy and excitement of the Star Wars universe, bringing the iconic characters and battles to life.


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