Star Wars Legion: Galactic Republic Expansions: Infantry Support Platform


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Deploy the Infantry Support Platform expansion and conquer with versatile firepower in thrilling Star Wars battles.



Unlock Battlefield Supremacy with the Galactic Republic Infantry Support Platform: A Dynamic Expansion for Star Wars Enthusiasts!

Are you ready to dominate the battlefields of the Star Wars universe? Prepare for tactical warfare like you’ve never experienced before with the Galactic Republic Infantry Support Platform.

This groundbreaking expansion set brings to the table a multifunctional, all-terrain combat vehicle designed to triumph in any environment. Engineered with a powerful rear-mounted turbofan and state-of-the-art repulsor technology, this platform ensures a victorious outcome in any conflict for the forces of the Republic.

Unmatched Versatility

When it comes to adaptability, the Infantry Support Platform is second to none. Don’t let its compact size fool you—its armament capabilities are monumental. With dual pilot seating, you have the option of manning your vehicle with Clone Scout Trooper Pilots for reconnaissance and agility or the 327th Star Corps Elite Armor Pilots for heavier firepower.

Whichever you choose, the individual or combined command of weapons is at your fingertips, allowing for personalized strategies tailored to combat various enemy types.

A Diverse Arsenal

Your tactical options are broadened with a choice of powerful weapons. Opt for Twin Blaster Cannons if rapid-fire is your strategy of choice, or unleash hell with Twin Missile Pods designed for causing heavy damage.

If precision is key, the Twin Beam Cannons offer pinpoint accuracy for surgical strikes. The expansion kit includes not just these finely crafted miniatures, but also unit cards and a range of upgrade options, providing you the flexibility to adapt your battle plans on the fly.

🔥 Key Benefits:

1. Battlefield Versatility: Conquer any terrain with this all-terrain vehicle, giving you the upper hand in every scenario.

2. Powerful Armaments: Unleash devastating firepower on your enemies, combining weaponry for maximum impact.

3. Customization Options: Choose between pilots and weapon types, personalizing your vehicle to fit your tactical style.

4. Immersive Star Wars Experience: Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe with detailed miniatures and authentic gameplay.

5. Engaging Strategy: Strategize and adapt your tactics to overcome opponents, making each game unique and exciting.


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