Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: Resistance: Fireball Expansion Pack


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Ignite excitement with the Resistance Fireball Expansion Pack. Customize, maneuver, and command your ship in thrilling Star Wars battles!



Ignite Galactic Excitement with the Resistance Fireball Expansion Pack!

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through the Star Wars universe? Unleash your inner pilot and join the resistance with the thrilling Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: Resistance Fireball Expansion Pack.

This captivating miniature game takes you straight into the action-packed world of Star Wars Resistance, where you’ll command your very own Fireball spacecraft.

Zoom into battle with the Resistance Fireball Expansion Pack for Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition. Buckle up as you pilot the sleek and beautifully painted Fireball miniature, inspired by Star Wars Resistance. Led by the fearless Kazuda Xiono, you and three other pilots will execute daring maneuvers, taking advantage of this ship’s explosive speed.

Modify your Fireball with seven upgrade cards, customizing it to match your strategic style. Two Quick Build cards ensure that you can dive right into the action without delay.

Unleash Your Inner Pilot:
Experience the thrill of commanding a Resistance ship in the Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition universe.

Blazing Speed and Explosive Power:
Harness the Fireball’s explosive speed and customize it with powerful upgrade cards for an edge in battle.

Strategic Maneuvering:
Engage in high-stakes space combat and outmaneuver your opponents with tactical brilliance.

Inspired by Star Wars Resistance:
Get a piece of the Star Wars Resistance action with a beautifully detailed Fireball miniature.

Ready for Immediate Action:
Two Quick Build cards let you jump right into the excitement and face off against your opponents.

Get ready to pilot the Resistance Fireball and dive into the thrilling cosmos of Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition. Unleash your tactical brilliance, make daring maneuvers, and immerse yourself in heart-pounding battles across the galaxy.

The Resistance needs you – are you ready to answer the call?


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